WORKING ONLINE, The Ultimate Lifestyle Change

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Anybody who has an internet connection today has heard or knows a little something about working online or earning money from online jobs.

In fact, studies show that many young professional and mid-level managers prefer or would rather work online and many who are currently working office-based jobs are considering jumping to the “dark side”.

If you are one of those that who have thought or considered working online and at home, we understand you.

Changing jobs is jarring enough, but if you want to change careers that involves you moving far and away from your comfort zone, then that can be very scary.

Especially if you have been so comfortable with the 9-5 grind that you don’t know anything else when it comes to work schedules and work locations.

But when we say that you are not alone, we also mean that many have come before you in this important fork in their career and many have successfully made the transition of working in the office and started supporting themselves by working from their own homes.

Understandably there will be hurdles, especially on the personal level because make no mistakes, working online and finding money on the internet is a personal decision that you have to make.

To help you better decide if you are ready for this important decision please consider the following pros and cons of working from home and earning money online.




  • Time and location freedom, working online means you can decide what time and where you would work outside of the normal 9-5 office hours that a typical human resource department would set.
  • Save on your commute. Yes, one of the more obvious but least noticed the advantage of working online is saving up time and money on the daily commute.
  • Less stress. Saving up on the money and time on the daily commute also means saving yourself from the stress of battling bodies on the train, or the shoving and honking match on the taxi queue and streets.
  • The laundry situation. Working at home cuts down your dress and laundry needs by at least half. You don’t need to wear the suits, press the shirts, match the ties, sync your socks, and go home and change out if you have plans after work. You can work in your boxers and shirts in some online jobs.
  • Work and life balance is easier to achieve if you have enough self-discipline when working at home. Body and Mind balance also becomes easier to achieve with the lifestyle change because you have more control of your time as long as you know how to handle your working hours.
  • No office gossip. When your officemates are a computer screen and a million miles away, there’s less chance of dirty office gossips and politics. And what use is there for office politics and office gossips if everybody is working on a results base environment. You kiss a mean ass in office jobs, but if you don’t deliver what is asked of you at the end of the day, then there’s no point in keeping you in the payroll right?
  • Most online employers are very forgiving of location, they would allow you to go on vacations or family outings as long as you there is an internet connection in your location and you can work from there.
  • Since online work is very flexible, you can look for and find jobs that would best fit you. This means that you can explore the limits of your creativity and limitations.



  • The Internet is life. Since it’s an online job, then a lot of it depends on your ability to connect to the internet. If your house is located in an area with bad service, then this could mean extra investment in terms of connectivity for you. Remember, your internet connection should be a combination of speed and reliability.
  • The most complicated part here, in my opinion, is setting up the administrative and legal parts of the services that you’re trying to sell. Some companies require this when hiring, so you might want to get all of these things settled before you begin to avoid the hassle. When you were working the 9-5 grind, you had a whole department working for you to settle this, now you only have yourself.
  • Too much of you. Your friends and family might be bad for your personal relationships. Trust us, there have been cases when people in your life are not used to having you in their life all the time because of your regular work, now that you are working online and from home, people might not be used to having you around all the time. Set ground rules.
  • You don’t know when or where your next job might come from. While a lot of online companies offer long time, permanent work, there are a lot of companies out there that also offer small and fast jobs.
  • The transition can be scary and you might panic. Know before you jump.
  • Motivation can flounder especially if you don’t have officemates to talk to or bounce your ideas off over coffee breaks.

Now that we’ve bared the pros and cons, it’s still up to you to pick whether you want to work online at home or stay in your cubicle in your 9-5 grind.

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