What Could You Achieve With 10 Times Your Current Willpower?

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It’s exciting just to think about having 10 times as much willpower as you’ve got now. Effortlessly waking up at any time you decide. Get more fit and lose weight easily, not being tempted by sweets & unhealthy foods. Build a thriving, passionate business. Have complete control over yourself…

Basically, the possibilities are endless. Because we can do anything as long as we can persuade our own mind to do it.

In this case… why not work on improving your willpower? What would you say, if I told you that there’s a very simple exercise, which takes 5-10 minutes per day and drastically improves your willpower in a matter of days?I’ve learned it from my millionaire mentor, Matt Pocius, also known as the Youngest Highest Paid Internet Marketing Consultant in the world. If you’ve read my ‘About Me’, you’ve probably heard about him before! Ever since implementing this nifty little exercise, I’ve improved my willpower many times. It’s allowed me to easily focus on what I need to do, get a hell of a lot more stuff done quickly and many other things.

Here’s what you will do:

Get a simple paper journal. Have a pen or pencil next to it all the time and keep the journal nearby. Now… well, it’s probably going to be the easiest if I just give you an example:

You’re doing push-ups. You want to do 30 but you’re at 21 and you really want to stop. But you think to yourself: “Hmm, if I continue to 30, I will be able to write a note in my journal that ‘I wanted to stop doing push-ups at 21 but forced myself to continue doing till 30 and succeeded!”.

Guess what happens… you continue doing the push-ups!

Basically, whenever you’ve got a temptation to do something that you know that you shouldn’t do and you resist it – write that down in your journal. As weird as it sounds… you’ll soon want to fill out your journal as fast as possible! Instead of writing 2 blog posts, I wrote one more – a total of 3! I really wanted to stay at home, but forced myself to go to the gym. I felt like I couldn’t life more, but I did two more barbell curls! And so on…

This works. I guarantee you that! Now… just do it, starting today!

BONUS: This is a method I learned from a world-famous stand-up comedian. When asked what was his secret to having (and remembering) so many jokes, he said:

“I make sure I write down 5 new jokes every single day, no matter what. I have a simple calendar on my wall and after every day, if I write down the 5 or more jokes, I put a big red X (cross) over that day. The X’s soon turn into a chain… which you won’t want to break!

I hope you understand – set yourself a daily goals (for example – write 1 blog post per day). Every time you complete that, take a big red marker and write an X on your calendar (for that day). You will soon have a chain or big red X’s – which you subconsciously won’t want to break! This will force you to continue doing those daily goals no matter what… try it!”

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