Want to make money online? Here’s how you can start!

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How awesome would it be if you could just stay at home, do some stuff on the Internet while sitting on the couch or even lying on your bed, and make money all the same?

Well, what if I told you that there are real people who are living that kind of life?

The truth is that the Internet is opening a lot of possibilities today. Things impossible a few decades ago are very possible now. Before, communicating with people who are far away took a lot of time, effort, and money. But today, you could have a video call in just one click. Before, if you wanted to watch an episode of your favorite TV show, you had to be on schedule and wait for it to be aired. But today, you can just go to Netflix and see any part of any episode anytime and anywhere you want!

Just as the Internet opens ne possibilities for communication, entertainment, and other aspect of human society, it also opens new possibilities for work and means to gain wealth. In fact, people are capitalizing on these opportunities to live the lifestyle that they want. They do their full-time work solely online and do it wherever they want. Some stay and work at home, while others become digital nomads and travel the world while working online.

Are you looking for ways to work online as well so that you can live the lifestyle you want? Then here are some easy options you can explore:

Do Transcribing Jobs

In many professional fields—whether it’s research, journalism, business, and others—interviews and audio recordings are very crucial. Scientists include it in scientific journals and research papers. Journalists include it in news articles. But you can’t print audio files, can you? If they are going to be printed on paper, these audio recordings need to be transcribed.

But the truth is that professionals rarely have the time to do the transcribing themselves. That’s why they hire people to do it for them. And they pay very well for it too, since their work depend on it.

Just a fair warning, though. This kind of job would need a lot of listening to the same clip of audio over and over for 30 minutes just to completely and accurately cover for the transcription of 10 minutes of audio. But if you don’t mind that, this could be a nice opportunity for you to start making money online.

Getting started, you could always look for these kinds of jobs on online freelancing platforms such as Upwork. But there are also platforms more specific to transcribing such as TranscribeMe, Transcribe Anywhere, Crowdsurf, Quicktate, Tigerfish, and Rev.

Do Proofreading Jobs

Even in this modern generation that is more stimulated visually and would prefer watching videos instead of reading written material, the written word is just too important to die. And another opportunity that we can capitalize on is the need for pristine grammar and general clarity.

Whether you’re dealing with articles, or books, or magazines, or scientific papers, there has to be clarity and an understandability to what is being written. Professionals know that, but they don’t really consider writing to be their forte, or perhaps again, they are just too busy to do it themselves.

That’s where we come in. If you have a firm grasp on the English language—grammar, spelling, proper usage, or even a wide vocabulary—then this could be a very lucrative endeavor for you. Many people who hire proofreaders (especially those who are from other, non-native English speaking countries), pay a lot of money just to make sure that their work is in proper English. After all, they need that to be globally competitive.

You can start looking for proofreading jobs in freelancing platforms as well, such as Upwork.


If you’ve noticed, the kinds of work that I have mentioned on this article are the relatively small-scale ones. Well, working online isn’t a joke. It can have its bumps and can be pretty dangerous if you immediately quit your job and dive right in without any idea of how this world works. But these are things you can do to test the waters, and hopefully these are going to help you assess if this is really the life you want to live.