Virtual Work, REAL Money

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Can you imagine going through one day without the Internet? It’s hard, isn’t it?

There is no denying that human society is getting more and more dependent on the Internet. Databases, video conferences, communication between teams. It’s evident that businesses today practically can’t run without the Internet. There are even restaurants today that have an iPad per table that you can use to order food using an exclusive app.

For businesses, another benefit the Internet gives is so much more ease in looking for a workforce. It even gives such a practicality to businesses that they can employ people without having to pay for anything but the salary of their employees. Thanks to the Internet, business can outsource tasks and jobs to people even from other countries. Employers don’t have to worry about building or renting a physical office because the jobs and tasks they give can all be done online.

One of such jobs that the Internet has birthed is being a Virtual Assistant. Working as a virtual assistant is almost just like being a normal assistant, except you don’t talk to your boss face to face (only through Skype or whatever communication software you are using). Additionally, being a virtual assistant also has its own perks and advantages. Here are just some of them:

(Relatively) Low Qualification Standards

When employers look at a resume from someone applying to be a virtual assistant, they don’t really look at what degree you finished or what school you graduated from. Being hired as a virtual assistant doesn’t really have those super high standards (although experience would be a huge plus to your chances of being hired).

In hiring virtual assistants, employers are looking for real life organizational skills. They are looking for people who can get the job done. People who can adapt to sticky situations without a major hitch. People who can learn new skills easily.

Really, when it comes to working as a virtual assistant, reliability is more important than your college degree.

Work Flexibility

The term “virtual assistant” is, in itself, a vague term. And so is the job description. It’s basically “do whatever your boss needs done”. Some employers need assistants to help them with bookkeeping for their businesses. Some need people to manage their businesses’ social media accounts and email marketing. While some just need assistants to organize their personal schedules.

This means working as a virtual assistant may put you in situations where you will be challenged to learn new skills, even things you do not really consider to be your forte. That’s actually a good thing—you get to expand your skill set and upgrade yourself.

This kind of job can also give you some flexibility in terms of work hours. Since the nature of your work is online, some virtual assistant jobs can actually be done without having a fixed schedule. For some jobs, you can do it on your own time (except maybe for times that your employer has an emergency).

More Opportunities To Build Connections

A lot of virtual assistant jobs will have you connect with business partners and a multitude of important people. Some business people who hire virtual assistants sometimes rely on their assistants to communicate with business partners and even potential business partners.

Extrinsically, this is just a picture of an assistant doing their job. But if you really think about it, the process brings attention to the assistant. They make contact with key people not just in business, but even in other areas as well (depending on what kind of connections the employer has). Who knows? These contacts may come in handy for future endeavors, regardless if whether these endeavors are part of the virtual assistant job or not.


In truth, being a virtual assistant can be one of the most challenging jobs out there. Aside from the technical and organizational skills needed for the job, being a virtual assistant takes a lot of tenacity, flexibility, and a whole lot of time in front of a computer screen. But this can be easily one of the most rewarding jobs as well. Not just because it tends to pay well, but also the things you learn along the way.