TWO EASY Ways To Sell Pictures Online

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Do you have an Instagram account? Or do you post pictures on Facebook and Twitter? Did you know you can make money just by posting pictures?

Have you tried googling for images, and you find that one perfect photo only to see that it has a watermark? And you have to pay to get the actual photo! It’s frustrating isn’t it? But what if it was you on the other end of that setup? What if it were YOU who were getting paid for those pictures?

With the social networks I have mentioned above, you only gather likes and comments (shares too if you’re posting very relevant content). But what most people don’t know is that, as you take pictures of nature or landscapes or just about anything, you could gather money as well!

Of course, you won’t be relying on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Companies who need superb images for marketing are more than willing to pay you if the photos you take are indeed what they need.

Really? Can’t these companies afford a marketing department that takes pictures?

Well, yes. There are companies that include professional photographers on their payroll. But there are also those that prefer to use photos from people outside of their workforce. They believe that outsourced photos are the most organic and genuine, and therefore has a greater potential to catch the attention of their customers. Also, it’s cheaper.

There are websites that know this fact and are offering their services to connect you to the companies that want to buy your pictures. Here’s a few of them.


When you join Foap, you can either use their website or install the mobile app. Having the app would be convenient as you can just directly upload the photos you take using your phone even when you’re on the go.

One of the notable things in Foap is that they have Missions that can potentially help you earn hundreds of dollars just for a single picture! These is what Foap uses when they have a specific brand in mind to get the best pictures for. You will have to read a Mission Brief that would give you an idea about what kind of imagery that brand is looking for. So be sure to look out for the Missions and get creative!


This is another website where you can make money from your photos. Like Foap, there is also an app for it available on Android and iOS. Photos uploaded through Clashot will be stocked in Depositphotos, which is more famous and more relied upon by many companies.

With Clashot, you can also participate in their special offers. Much like Foap’s Missions, Clashot’s Offers will give you an offer to upload photos with a certain theme or content that would match the needs of the current partners or advertisers. The best photos submitted on these Offers can sell for up to FIFTY TIMES the usual prices for stock photos on Depositphotos. This is definitely a great opportunity to earn a lot more that the normal.

Other features of Clashot would also involve the Photo Society. Here you can post and view photo reports that other Clashot users can like and comment on. You can meet people from all over the world and add them as friends. It’s a social media in its own right—except here in the Clashot Photo Society, you can get paid for your posts! This is a great place to learn more about what kind of photos sell the most, how to improve your shots, and whatnot. Also, you can invite your friends from social media sites to join Clashot.


Knowing about Foap and Clashot would be very good news for you if you are the type of person who likes taking photos—be it as a profession or just a hobby. Aside from the special opportunities to make money out of taking pictures, they also provide much opportunities to learn more about your craft and up your game. Sure, it can be competitive, and companies will demand nothing short of beauty in your photos. But that will actually help you push your limits and be more capable of selling more and more photos fir higher prices.