Top 6 Bitcoin Robots That Earn For You

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Bitcoin trading is not a full time career option for most people. Investors who are into cryptocurrencies are mostly trying to generate a passive income. This makes it obvious that it is not imperative or even advisable to spend hours and hours glued to computer screens and observing charts. The best solution to keep track of the market trends and invest automatically is to make use of bitcoin trading bots. These automatic software do most of the heavy lifting for you. It is not however easy to pick a bot from an army of trading bots offered by several exchanges and third party vendors. Real deal is to select only the most capable, trusted and secured trading bots.

For this post we have handpicked top 6 bitcoin trading bots that our experts agree on to be best in the market. However, stay aware of the fact that your returns from trading bitcoins using the below mentioned bots will be varied and we are not responsible for any kind of monetary losses you sustain while using these software.


There is a reason why this bitcoin trading bot is called the BTCRobot. It was the very first bot to be created for trading bitcoins and the setup and trading with this bot is quite easy. That being said, the mileage of profits from using this bit varies heavily as some people are able to make decent profits but there are some who struggle to even setup the bot in the first place. If you are wondering, why this trading bot is on our list, it is because it comes with a 60-day refund and in our experience it actually works.


This one is not a trading bot but a complete solution provider. CryptoTrader offers many automated trading bots that are quite efficient and effective at what they do. Still the service is largely unknown. We were forced to include CryptoTrader in our list of top 6 bitcoin trading bots because we it offers trading bots that run on cloud platforms, giving you freedom from need of installing some unknown software on your PC. Also, CryptoTrader is strategies marketplace where one can buy and sell their bitcoin trading strategies.


For those of you who are not looking for high profit, high risk arbitrage and high frequency trading, the Gekko might be a worthy bitcoin trading to check out. It is a open source free software which is available on GitHub platform. The main difference is, Gekko is regularly updated by an active community of users who are investors themselves. Using this bot you can trade bitcoins based on some basic strategies and there are many good exchanges that support Gekko trading bot. If you want to just try a bitcoin for the sake of knowledge we suggest this one.


Now if you don’t want to limit yourself to a traditional trading bot, Tradewave brings a solution for you. It is not a bitcoin trading bot but an entire platform that lets you create your own automatic bitcoin trading strategy and make profits. You can connect any bitcoin exchange to this platform and enable live trading in your account within minutes. As we mentioned, Tradewave takes automatic bitcoin trading a set ahead, it is not available for free. However, you can get started with using this platform for just $14 per month.


This one is an open source trading solution for bitcoin investors who can modify the code of Zenbot as per their requirement. You should consider this bitcoin trading bot over others because it is one of the rare, artificially intelligent trading bots capable of high frequency trading. Zenbot supports multiple assets at a time and anyone can use it as it is a light weight software supported by almost all bitcoin changes. The only problem is this software is not updated for more than 3 months and it can be problem for security reasons.


Leader at the moment in the automatic bitcoin trading, Haasbot is able to do all the legwork of trading for you. It can even recognize the candlestick patterns. But, using Haasbot is not cheap as it costs between 0.12 BTC and 0.32 BTC every quarter year.

Trading bitcoin is all about the strategy, bots only can do so much but you are the real strategist and never ignore this fact.


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