Top 5 Companies Offering Work-From-Home Jobs

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With the changing trend in the job market the attitude of employers towards work-from-home is shifting. Previously, asking for permission to work from home made you sound like an insane employee,  but not telecommuting has made it possible for anyone to work-from-home. Many people want a work-life balance and these opportunities are ideal for employees to spend time with family and still able to work for their pay. Greater control over schedule and flexibility makes it possible for work-from-home opportunities very popular.

Our list of top 5 companies offering work-from-home opportunities is based on the data provided by the FlexJobs, a job search engine that ranked 100 companies based on their job openings and roles in the past year. Before we provide you with the names of these top companies, we want you to know some tips to make your work-from-home job a success.

Decide a place to work from

Although work-from-home job gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, but it is a good idea to decide a place to work from. It will have a psychological benefit as well as you can claim Home-Office Deduction on taxes.

Create a work schedule and stick to it

Most people think working from home is easy, but they don’t realize how difficult it can be to maintain a schedule when there is no one to force it on you. Distractions can easily make you lag behind the work schedule, this is why you need to practice to be self disciplined with work.

Network electronically

A drawback of working from home is that you don’t have the opportunity to network with peers face-to-face. This is why you need to network electronically. Get active on LinkedIn groups where your employer and other team mates hang out.

Improve your technical skills

When you have a work-from-home job there is no assistance to deal with technical glitches. Learn to handle common problems that you can face working online like computer errors, internet related problems and computer glitches.

Now let’s find out which companies are the best when it comes to providing work-from-home jobs.

  1. TeleTech

With more remote employees than any other company, Teletech is making it to the top of the list of companies because it offers most competitive work-from-home jobs. The company offers customer services to many industries and allows them to have personalized and simple interaction with their customers. If you want to work with TeleTech you need to be very professional even when you will be working in your pajamas.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is in the ecommerce industry where competition is fierce. With Amazon venturing into many industries like electronics and cloud computing it needs a large pool of work-from-home employees to stay competitive as well as expand its business. You can expect some pretty good pay from the brand provided you work your best.

  1. Convergys

Everyone is aware of the brand value of Convergys. With more than 125,000 employees across the globe, the company offers work-from-home opportunities in various segments. However, when a corporation with over $3 billion revenue offers home based jobs, it make sure only the best candidates make it to the list. The company recently acquired Stream, which means they will need more remote employees.

  1. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is one of the founders of temporary staffing and came into existence in 1946 and has evolved with the changing trends of the industry. The company provided more than 540,000 employees with remote jobs in 2013 and is growing. You can expect a high pay work-from-home job from Kelly Services that has annual revenue of $5.4 billion.

  1. Sutherland Global Services

SGS is one of the largest business process and technology services companies in the world with operational centers all around. When you are a mammoth BPO with continued growth you require remote employees. This is why there are work-from-home opportunities from Sutherland Global Services every now and then.


According to FlexJobs there is expected to be a year-on-year increase in remote jobs by 27%. You can expect huge demand for remote employees in the coming years. To make most of the work-from-home opportunities you need to ensure that you have the needed skills to out compete hundreds of other people looking to take away the opportunity from you.

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