Top 3 Websites That Pay You For Watching Videos

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Some days, don’t you just wish that you could just sit at home watching TV or just random videos on the Internet? If only you could still earn money while you’re doing it that.

As a matter of fact, you can!

If you would look thoroughly in the Internet there are websites that offer rewards you for watching videos (and also some other fun stuff).

Just to be clear, it won’t be enough for you to make a living out of it. It’s not some permanent thing that you could replace a regular job with. But, you can do this while taking a break or resting at home. And you get these opportunities to make money even in your down time.

You will have to excuse the ads, though. There will be advertisements attached to the videos, but keep in mind that these are where the income for these websites come from. Companies pay good money to have their ads shown on online videos—money that will be shared with YOU! Yeah, ads totally suck, especially when you’re in the middle of a video that you are enjoying so much. But in this case, it is also going to be the source for the money you will get. So soldier on and make that cash!


Actually, you can do a wide variety of things on Perk that will make you some money through Perk Points. There are simple games, simple tasks, surveys, and you can even grow your earnings here exponentially by inviting your friends and having them join Perk through your referral link. But since we’re talking about videos here—yes, of course, one of the activities is watching videos, the very topic that we’re discussing right now.

Through (a separate website and app, but still under Perk), you can simple watch videos and earn money. You can watch DIY videos, music videos, tutorials—it is pretty much like YouTube, except with Perk, you get paid for watching.

And to even take that to the next level, Perk also has its links to This is the website (an app is also available for Viggle) that will literally pay you to watch TV. You can link your Netflix account with Viggle, and you earn points, which you can convert into money or cash cards, just by watching TV shows or movies in Netflix!


If you’re after something simpler without the other whatchamacallits and just want to kill time by watching random videos, there are also websites for that. This website called KoinMe is a pretty straightforward app. You watch videos, earn their currency called Koins, and you convert those Koins into cash or gift cards.

Since KoinMe is more focused on offering videos, there’s probably more money to be made just watching if you compare it to other websites that provide this kind of opportunity. Each video in KoinMe lasts for only 30 seconds, then it takes you to the next video.

Also, when you sign up on KoinMe for the first time, you will be receiving $5 automatically. Also you even earn some more money when you invite your friends to earn some extra cash using this website. You can give them a referral link. And when they do start using KoinMe and they do it through a referral link you send them, there is going to be a considerable commission for you as well.


This site is one of the top websites that people go to for easy rewards. Like Perk, it also offers some activities (even more activities, to be honest). Aside from the videos or surveys or games, or the daily tasks. You can also make more money by using their search engine instead of Google.

The currency being used in this website is the SwagBuck (SB), where you could convert 100 SB into $1 worth of money through PayPal or through gift cards.

Regarding videos, you can earn up to 80 in under one minute. So choose your videos and activities wisely, you will need to be strategic in order to earn as much as possible.


You can consider these three websites whenever you take a short break or a long rest. You will be relaxing AND making money at the same time!