Top 3 Affiliate Programs Online

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The main purpose of doing any sort of course is to settle down with a good job to earn good money. With the technological era, courses have taken a new face. The online courses are popular than the offline ones. The online courses enable us to learn from anywhere and at any time. Affiliate programs have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times.

Before, we discuss about the 3 popular affiliate programs, let us explain what affiliate programs are. Affiliate programs are automated programs that allow webmasters to include various advertisements on their official websites. For every click on advertisement and conversion, webmasters receive revenue or commission. This is how one can earn money easily.

If you have your space (Website or Blog or anything where you can publish advertisements) online then you can utilize it properly through affiliate programs.

Top 3 affiliate programs online

  1. Amazon Associates

This is one of the most popular affiliate programs all over the world. The e-commerce website has millions of users. So, the conversion rate can be really high. There is no need to approach new users or customers. Amazon has its own huge customer base.

Key features of the Amazon Associates program are:

  • You can advertise all sorts of physical goods that Amazon sells online. You can pick up any category or product to advertise on your space.
  • The commission rate varies as per the product and category. The usual rate lies between 1 to 10%. For example, you get 3% for toys and 10% for luxury beauty.
  • You can earn a lot of commission when Amazon put big holiday sales and offers.
  1. Target affiliate program

This is another popular affiliate program through which you can earn money. The Product base is not vast like Amazon but commission rate is really strong. You can market or advertise the products that are available on this website.

Key features of the Target Affiliate program includes:

  • The products that you can advertise on your space are general home goods. These are physical goods supplied to the customers.
  • The commission rate varies as per the product category and type. It lies between 1-8%.
  • They have cap commissions for various product categories.
  • The best feature is that they still operate on a volume based fee structure and that can make you earn plenty of money.
  1. Clickbank Program

This falls under the third party affiliate program. This is one of the most common and oldest ways to earn money. You can choose from a vast category. However, the commission rate is decided by the vendor and needs to be mutually agreed.

It is a trustworthy affiliate program as it is the oldest. If you want, you can get the training to learn how to advertise through this program also. There are plenty of other additional perks for the advertiser that can make you earn good money.

You can fully utilize your web space by putting various advertisements to earn money.

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