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Here are the same exact tools I used and use to build my online empire.

Are these the best for what they’re needed? In my opinion – yes. Of course there are many other options, but if you are looking for an honest recommendation, I can’t recommend these enough. I’ve tested numerous hosting providers, WordPress themes etc. and the ones listed below had by far the best “bang for your buck”.

Pretty much all of the below will be vital for your online business, as everyone needs these, no matter what traffic source or business model you’re following.

Aweber Email Marketing – “The money is in the list”. If you’ve been trying to make money online (or have successfully made some money), you probably heard that phrase a thousand times. Because it’s true! Your email list is like printing money on demand – as long as you treat it well and provide great value. I really highly recommend you start building your list from Day 1! Most people wait till they’re generating a good amount of traffic/income to start building their list. WRONG! You’re not generating a lot of income because you don’t have a list in the first place! Click to join.

NameCheap Domain Registrar – Not much to explain here, you will obviously need a domain for your website. I’ve been using Namecheap for over 2 years by now (I have over 100 domains there) and they never disappoint me. Cheap, easy interface, easy payments. Good support. Click to register.

ClickMagick Click Tracker – If you think that you don’t need to track everything from the very beginning, I won’t even say that you’re wrong, simply read this post I made. Anyway, ClickMagick is one of the best you can get and I’ve been using it for way over a year now. Their support is superb and they often make updates – you can even tell them what you’d like to have added (new features) – and they often add it, fast.

InstaBuilder 2.0 – This is a WordPress plugin that I use for creating my squeeze pages (landing pages), thank you pages and more. It’s rediculously easy to use and I am not saying that to “sell you” – it actually is. I can set up a well-converting squeeze page in about 1-2 minutes. They have a ton of templates available and it’s all drag-and-drop. Also has some other great features but I don’t use them, so I can’t comment on that. Check it out here.

KnownHost Hosting Provider – Not a well known provider, that’s for sure – but they have some of the fastest servers available in the market! What I really love about KnownHost tho is their support – usually their “Average Response Time” is 3 minutes or less. I use their smallest “Managed SSD VPS” plan and it’s blazingly fast. Which is super important for your conversions! Don’t save the $10-20/month by going with a slow, often blacklisted provider like HostGator and choose KnownHost – that’s what I would do. Click here to sign up.

Again – these are my personal favorites. You can of course choose your own providers, plugins/themes and all that but if you’re not sure – go for the above, you won’t be disappointed!