These 3 Websites Exist To Serve Digital Nomads!

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Imagine you are on your favorite beach. You wake up on a cabin to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Seagulls cawing in the distance. You take a deep breath and take in that fresh sea air. You open your laptop, do some work for a few hours, and then you enjoy the rest of your day on the beach.

Well that, my friend, is the life of a digital nomad. Or at least, a part of it.

What is also a part of the life of a digital nomad is finding a job that they can do anywhere in the world. and today, there are countless ways to do that. Perhaps the most popular would be to take on remote work. In can come in the form of freelance work or just plain and simple remote jobs.

The starting point of this whole setup is to find a job that you can do anywhere. Today, there are a lot of online platforms where you could find such jobs. If you’re considering shifting into the lifestyle of a digital nomad, then you should give these sites some consideration.

Working Nomads

From the name of the website itself, we can obviously see that this is a platform specially designed for digital nomads.

Through this online platform, you can setup a profile that is suited to you. Put in detail every marketable sill that you have as well as your job experiences as well as job preferences. Then hit subscribe on the job alert. According to the data on your profile, a fresh list of suitable jobs will be sent to your email every day. Every day, you will have access to the most recent job postings on this website.

If you can’t wait for the email, however, you can always choose to browse the job feed. Job posts conveniently showcase the nature of the job as well as its niche. Chances are, you will encounter jobs related to programming, design, and also administrative tasks such as human resources and customer service.

We Work Remotely

Another platform that serves as a blessing to digital nomads is We Work Remotely. Just like any other remote jobs platform, you have the choice to either browse the job feed immediately or subscribe for an email containing the freshest job posts.

Compared to other platforms, We Work Remotely has a much simpler system and that it is more worker-friendly. This platform does not charge any fees to anyone looking for work through this platform, nor does it deduct anything from the pay you receive from your clients. Rather, it is the clients who pay a monthly fee to be able to post jobs on this website.

Virtual Vocations

Now this one is probably the most sophisticated remote job platform among all that will be mentioned in this article. Virtual Vocations has a team of researches who do background research on every client who posts a job on their platform. This assures you that every job post you will see on this website are legitimate and are vouched for by the research team. As of today, there are about eleven thousand verified clients on Virtual Vocations, and new jobs come in everyday like a flood.

But that’s not the only service Virtual Vocations provides. On this platform, you can also have access to free courses and job organization tools to help you with your job. Courses will get you through the basics of working remotely, and even being a successful one at that. If you need to improve your resume or easily find jobs that you would prefer, you can see it in the e-courses. The job organization tools on the other hand will give you a hand on getting projects that are relevant to your set of skills and experience. You can use the tool to bookmark jobs that you would like to apply for, and even keeping track of the job applications that you have made.

At this point in time, getting a remote job and living as a digital nomad isn’t really that easy. But with websites like this. It is getting easier and easier by the day!

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