The #1 Most Important Skill/Character Trait…

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… that you will need to develop to succeed online. Do you know what it is?

There’s a simple equation… consistency + belief = success!

Here are the two stories/examples that I give in the video…

Example One:

Most of us drive a car every day. How do we know, that the person
driving in the opposite direction, on the lane right next to us won’t simply
decide to change lanes and hit us straight-on? We don’t!

We believe that he won’t do that, even though we don’t have any
concrete evidence why we should believe in that.

That is the kind of belief you must have when starting a business!

Sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks, rarely even months
to start seeing major positive results from what you’re doing to grow
your business. During this period, where you can’t really count on
results being your motivator, you need to fully believe in what you’re doing.

You need to believe that what you’re doing will bring you the results that you want,
even though you don’t have any live/current evidence that it does.

Example Two:

As I mention in the video, during the first “phase” of your business you need
to be very consistent – often doing tasks that you might not necessarily call “fun”.

What’s worse, you might not be (and probably – you won’t) see any special
results from what you’re doing for the first couple of days or maybe even weeks.

It’s then that you need to be consistent and continue doing what you’re doing – as long
as you know that you’re following a proven model and you’re doing the right thing!

Imagine that you sign up to work at a McDonalds (just as an example). While working
there you flip hamburgers, you sell, you keep the place clean – do all the things that you
know that you need to do. Do you even think about whether the restaurant is profitable?
Do you think about how are you going to sell the hamburger that you’re making?

Of course not! You just focus on what needs to be done. And that is exactly what
you need to be doing during the first, beginning phase of your business.

You have to… treat it like a day job. I am not kidding. That is the key.

Napoleon Hill wrote a great book called “Think and Grow Rich“.

When starting a business and following a proven model, the opposite is often
quite true… Don’t Think and Grow Rich! Because the more you think
and analyze, the more you start doubting what you’re doing…

And doubt kills more potentially successful businesses than anything else.

So avoid it like the plague!
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