TALK ABOUT IT: Making Money Through Online Blogs

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People have often looked at bloggers as happy-go-lucky rich kids who were given money by their parents and not as an income generating and productive members of society. That stereotype comes from the lack of knowledge about how people can monetize and make money out of blogging. Making a decent career out of blogging is not as easy as people would think, but along with that argument, we can also say that while making money out of blogs is not easy, it’s also not impossible.

Here are 5 quick and easy steps that will teach you how to make money from your blog:

  1. Start your blog. NOW!
  2. Create Content. The key…
  3. Find your people.
  4. Build engagement.
  5. Pick your winning stream.


You can’t give what you can’t have. This is a universal truth that is also applicable to blogging. You can’t make money off of a blog that does not exist. A big problem with people who don’t believe that you can’t earn money online is that these same people have not tried it. So make your blog, right now. It might look ugly and clunky at first, but making one nonetheless gives us something to work with. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time right? The same is true with blogs. Once you’ve made your blog, slowly work on the details. If the headers don’t work change it. Play with the fonts, the colors, borders and everything else that don’t fit in your opinion. Look at Youtube and Google for free tutorials on how to make your blog better. There are a million of free stuff out there on the internet designed to help newbies and starters.


In any online endeavor, “content is king.” Before formally publishing your blog, make a healthy amount of content. Write and post pictures of what your blog is about and make it consistent. Initially, you might want to do between 3-5 posts and then do a regular schedule of posts. This way, first-time visitors, and readers would get a feel as to what your blog is all about and would know when to come back for fresh content. Now, you might ask, “But what do I write about?” Easy, start with the things that you love or really like.

Are you a mom who loves to bake? Share your recipes.

Do you love sneakers? Review your fave shoes.

Secretly love romantic novels? Talk about your beloved books.

Blogging is basically taking your thoughts and the things that you like and making it into a content that people love.

It might be an opinion piece, a how-to write-up, you reviewing movies or books or talking about your travels and sharing it with people.

Which leads us to the next step…


Now that you have a decent blog with decent content find people who might be interested in it. If your blog is about online gaming, go to forum boards and peddle your articles or blog there. If you blog about traveling or something as mundane as miniature wood carving or crocheting stuff for kittens, there are a plethora of likeminded people on the internet. The trick is to know where to look for them. Facebook is a good place to look for Groups or pages of people that might want to read or look at your content. Find them and court their attention.


Now that you have their attention. It’s time to learn about engagements. Looking at your content is not enough, it’s just a first step in your customer’s journey. They have to look at it, read and pay attention to it and more importantly be involved enough that they will be willing to engage through commenting, giving a like or even sharing your post or your blogs to other people. Cultivating a following that is highly engaged is as important as the numbers of followers that you have. Would you rather have 1 million followers but only 1000 engaged readers or subscribers? Or 2000 followers with the same number of engaged followers? Blogging is just like fishing, it’s not enough that you hook the fish, you have to reel them in too.


Now that you have a blog, contents and a following it’s time for the most important part. Making money out of it. There are a thousand ways that you can do to earn money through blogs, but before picking which avenue to take, you must first look at what have you created and what can you offer with it. Like I said at the beginning of the article, you can’t sell what you don’t have. Look at your blog and ask yourself, “Can I advertise on my blog? Can I provide services? Do I have products? Can I organize events? Can I promote using my blog?” If you have an answer for any of that questions, then you can definitely earn through those income streams. The easiest path is to advertise on your blog. You can use Ad Networks, text links, video advertising, sponsorships, competitions and giveaways the possibilities are virtually endless. If your content is more on services and products, you do freelancing, training or public speaking and coaching through your blog promotions. You can also organize summits and workshops for your followers or setup webinars or conferences. 

There are a hundred of ways that you can make money out of your blog. The most important is getting started.