Start Your Own Recipe Book (!) To Earn Money Online

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We have heard a lot about cooking reality shows on TV or other recipe contests around the society these days. We often think that not everybody has got this fortune to get popular in such a way but wait! It’s not true. Getting known for what you know and earning money from that is not impossible today. Million thanks to the Internet!

If you are one of those persons who love to cook and who experiments and innovates the recipe in your own way- this article is just for you!  You will get to know various ways by which you can use this skill and earn at home. To be very honest, people out there are mad to try the new recipes. Thus, there’s already a majority of prospect market waiting for you to start. Let’s read on more to know.


Ways to earn money online         

These are some sure shot ways to earn the revenue from home.

  • Cooking contests- Most yourself heard and seen by the way of utilizing the cooking skill. Contests are traditional ways from the non-Internet era but are still very popular amongst people. All you have to do is prepare a recipe based on the theme of the contest and pray.

Final decision can be biased or non-biased as well. It’s more about the luck basically. Winning amount can be as high as a million dollar as well as, get you popularity like a Master Chef.

  • YouTube channel- YouTube is the best way to showcase your talent but requires some investment for video perfection. Here we are talking about the cooking videos we get to watch on YouTube. YouTube pays as views on your videos cross a certain number. The idea here is to set up a HD quality camera (preferably), a decent background, appealing recipe and video editing for a quality video shot. Be as simple as possible with the recipes and terms while recording so as to hold the audience till the end of the video. Thus, this little investment in video shoot is a must in case of YouTube. 
  • Become a food blogger- Another well-known way to earn money online without investment is food blogging. Needless to mention WordPress is free blogging site you can use for writing your blogs. Blogs are the interactive descriptions, stories which shall hold the attention of reader.

Set up your blog and start writing your recipes. Make sure to come up with at least one recipe per day to increase the number of readers. Write quality content, use high quality food images and embed the pictures from other related sites to improve the ranking.

Pinterest is another example for food blogging. High quality images and step by step recipe are the keys to food blogging. 

  • Recipe book – Selling recipe book online is a way which saves you a lot of time and even investment which incurs in any of the above methods. Sell your recipe book to a magazine or website for money.

Self-published books are in trend now-a-days. You may use the Kindle platform which has got a strong number of online readers. For writing part, you can hire someone to do the task for you.


How to make the most out of recipe book? 

Once you have built in your interest in this direction you would need to follow these basic rules-

  • Research the online market Discover what other competitors are following, their ways, description etc. Don’t copy but take inspiration from them.
  • Write the recipes Hire someone from Fiverr or just do it yourself. You have to write a recipe book which you can publish online. Choose a number of your recipes to publish from in the book.
  • Promote- Once published, promote this recipe book via kindle, FB, and other social media. You have to spread the word around to achieve your monetary targets by selling the book.

At the end, it’s your creativity and efforts which will take you off to a richer personality and make you famous.

Happy cooking! Did you ever think that you can actually earn loads of money just by cooking? Think about it.

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