Start a Business Online with these 4 Tools!

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For starting an online business, you will need a set  of tools to make your life easier. Here are the top 4 tools that every online entrepreneur should know about.

We as humans have a natural tendency to seek freedom. If you feel restricted in your job and want the freedom that an entrepreneur has, then starting an online business is the best way to gain that freedom. However, earning a living online requires patience, consistency and above all knowledge of the tools that can help you start a successful online business.

We know that you are excited to know about the top 4 tools that every online entrepreneur should use. Let’s get started with these tools that are entirely free to use.

  1. Hostt

Online businesses require a website and a website requires hosting space as well as a domain name. You can get a domain registered with GoDaddy under $2, but the real trouble is buying hosting for your website. As you are a beginner, you would not want to spend a fortune on quality hosting. This is why you need to use Hostt.

This service provides you free hosting without any catch. There are no advertisements either, the only requirement is you should register your domain with Hostt to avail free hosting. You get cpanel hosting with 24/7 support for free, which makes Hostt a revolutionary tool for beginners.

  1. WordPress/Shopify

Now that hosting is taken care of, you need to decide what technology you will use for your website. You will seldom need a customized or made-from-scratch website for a blog or ecommerce store.

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) all you need to run professional websites without even a single line of code. Above all, WordPress is a free open source CMS, which means you can build your website over it without any fee. This CMS has more features than you will ever need in your website. Although, if you want to sell stuff online and content is not your prime concern, we recommend that you use Shopify. It is a professional shopping cart which offers robust services at affordable prices.

  1. PayPal for Payments

PayPal is the standard for receiving payments and paying others globally. You cannot start an online business without a payment method on your website. It is not possible to receive payments directly in your bank accounts either. This is why PayPal is necessary. It is a free payment solution to use for your web services.

You are charged a fee depending on the amount you receive, while there are no charges for paying others.

  1. Hootsuite

No online business can flourish without quality online marketing. Social media platforms are the holy grail for marketers but managing all your social media accounts can be a nightmare. This is where Hootsuite comes in. Using this tool you can manage all your social profiles from the same dashboard without requiring logging to your social accounts. You can start with the free plan of the Hootsuite, and when you feel the necessity you can upgrade to premium account.

At the end, these 4 tools for online business give the maximum benefits when used in combination.

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