So You Want to Earn More As a Virtual Assistant?

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One of the hottest online trends when it comes to working on the internet right now is to be a virtual assistant.

In fact, some of the most inexperience and greenhorns or newbies in the market find success in being a virtual assistant until they become more comfortable and more open to the idea of working online and they focus on something more serious.

Being a virtual assistant is typically being a service provider to people or company that might have a lot of extra work but can’t deal with the added personnel, space, and other stuff that comes with hiring an actual person.

They need someone to help them with administrative services such as planning, keeping track of documents, organizing company and personal calendars, setting appointments, typing, posting and everything else in between.

For those who want to go into the Virtual Assistant or VA career path, here are a couple of regular types of VA’s that you would normally see online.

See if you have any of their capabilities, strengths and skills, find out if any of them fit you and just maybe, this is your ticket to quitting that boring 8-5 day job that you have and become a digital nomad.




General Admin Assistant

Before we get too specific, let’s start by discussing what a General Admin or Administrative Assistant is.

General Admin Assistants often serve small home base businesses or small, micro and medium enterprises.

More often than not, these are business who have just started or in business for two or three years and have made enough of a mark that orders and clients are rolling in.

These type of businesses badly need help with their budding enterprises but is caught between not being able to afford a full-time employee, don’t have a space for them or an office space at all or are just to unsure yet of the stability and uptick of their business.

Some people or solopreneurs are just too caught up with things that they do not have time, energy and attention to focus on the minute but equally important administrative aspect of the job.

Other people admit to just being too preoccupied with work that they do not have the needed focus to concentrate on admin stuff.

Basically, people who hire General Admin Assistant are just people who are swamped with admin work that they badly need help.


Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant is one of the hottest job in the VA industry today.

With the relatively high social media awareness and engagement that we get with the online audience right now, more personality, brands and company are trying to establish a social media presence.

Most of these social media pages on different platforms tend to be boring and unappealing when they are not updated, monitored or looked after.

Enter the Social Media Assistant.

Being a Social Media Assistant means that you will help unload the burden of Social Media handling from your presumably busy employer.

Social Media Assistants are in charge with creating content, pinning, posting, snapping, tweeting and generally updating your assigned social page on a given platform.

You will also need to be familiar with social media analytics, how to interpret them and make reports or recommendations.

You must also have enough nose to smell what the upcoming trends are as well as manage campaigns online on how to generate interest for you brand for awareness and engagement.

Most importantly, you will need to learn and be familiar with social media automation tools and apps like Hootsuite and Tailwind so that you can have an easier time managing your client’s social media accounts especially on multiple platforms.


Blogger’s Virtual Assistant

Most medium and big time bloggers and vloggers today are pressured to create new and engaging content.

The demands are so high that some well-known vloggers and bloggers started hiring Virtual Assistants (VA) to help create and curate the content for them.

Imagine having to write, edit, re-edit, produce and post blog and vlogs multiple times a week?

It gets tiring and more often than not, the content just wouldn’t be at par anymore with the earlier parts of the blog or vlog.

Aside from the normal and regular VA work, some Vas are tasked with graphic creations, finding royalty free music or background, securing license works, responding to common emails, routing important and filtering non-important emails, fixing broken links and monitoring affiliate links and scheduling and proofreading posts.

Other people who wants to be bloggers themselves usually follow this path to earn while learning the ins and outs of the trade.


Ecommerce Assistant

Like any other store or business, estores or ecommerce also needs people to man their virtual stores.

While some sellers manage to do it on their own, the sheer task of monitoring actual inventory sometime swamped small or starting business owners.

Ecommerce Virtual Assistants might not have access to the actual product for them to repack, deliver and sell, but most of them need admin help like monitoring inventories, write product description, review product ratings, track packages for customers, answer calls, help promote, market and drive up sales and many more.

It’s also an upcoming trend in the VA business because of the rise of ecommerce websites like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and Ebay.


Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistants are paid a lot more than other Virtual Assistants in some instances because some employers need very technical people with a high understanding and interests in Real Estate.

Realtors are usually swamped with listing, buyer search and helping them look at potential properties, market listings, open houses and many more.

That’s why they need people or VAs to schedule and keep track of their appointments, where to market open houses, write descriptions and selling copies for their website or flyers or reach out to potential customers by email or phone.

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