Slaying Giant Pay with Mircro Jobs

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They say great things start from small deeds.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt had to start with one stone, the Eiffel Tower with one piece of iron, the Great Wall of China with one post and one brick.

If you believe in that, and you are interested in earning money online or getting paid to work through the internet then this article is for you.

Most people who want to work online but are having a hard time doing so or is having a hard time actually starting might want to start small.

How small? Micro small… I am talking about micro jobs or micro working.

Micro jobs or micro working are quick and easy ways to earn money online, using minimal or no skills at all.

This can be your entryway to becoming a full-time digital nomad or living a digital nomad’s lifestyle.

For the uninitiated, or those that do not know, “what is a micro job or micro working?”

Micro jobs or micro work are one-time work, projects or jobs that can easily be done in exchange for a small amount.

Don’t knock the “small amounts” because if you work at it enough, then this could be a real Jack that could slay that giant pay.

The next logical question is, “How do you do micro jobs or micro work?”

Micro jobs or micro work are very, very common and can vary very widely.

It could range from simple encoding, identifying things in a picture, solving puzzles, answering surveys, tagging photographs, rating photographs, leaving comments on a website or a blog, writing small 200 worded article or even errands posted through online apps and websites.

Like I said, it varies widely, doesn’t require a whole lot of skills, and the commitment in terms of work is very, small.

You can look for micro jobs and micro work in different websites and when you get the hang of it, or if you feel comfortable, then maybe you can move on to bigger and more permanent jobs and be a full-time digital nomad.

The problem with the micro job and micro work websites are, some (if not a lot) are shady and would often try and trick you.

Here are some of our favorite micro-working or micro-blog websites that are legit:

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk or more popularly known as Mturk is one of the most popular and quite possibly our favorite website for micro-workers or micro-jobs.

If it’s still not obvious, Mturk is owned by Amazon that should lend it a bit more credibility than other websites out there right?

Mturk has helped millions of people in more 100 countries.

When you go to Mturk’s website, you’ll be asked to register, either as a Requester or as a Workers.

Requesters post this a HIT or what is known as a Human Intelligence Task, and “Workers” or “Turkers” who are looking for micro jobs or micro work will try and answer and seek this Human Intelligence Tasks for them to do.

HITS can range from looking for an email address, finding business phone numbers of companies and even people, answering questions and categorizing pictures.

Once a work is submitted, the original requester will check and review the job and once he thinks everything is good, the worker or Turker gets paid.


Microworkers are looking for? Duh… Micro workers of course. They also offer? Duh… Micro jobs of course.

Would a post about microwork or micro jobs be complete without a website who has a name like, “Microworkers”?

Of course, it wouldn’t.

Weblabcenter, Inc, the owner of the website Microworkers has employed more than 700,000 workers worldwide by taking advantage of “crowdsourcing” or asking people or “crowd” on the internet if they would be interested in doing small jobs that employers need to be done, minus the hassle of regular hiring.

Crowdsource or OneSpace

Crowdsource or what is also known as OneSpace is pretty popular with writers, and copy editors.

Crowdsource or OneSpace is a great website if you are looking for micro work or micro job in the lines of being a writer, editor, copywriter, transcriptions or simple jobs like writing descriptions for products and categorizing products.

The best part why Micro Workers love Crowdsource or OneSpace is because there is no minimum amount for your account in Paypal before you can withdraw it.

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