6 Free Strategies For Making Money FAST

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Surviving without a full time job is a challenge for anyone. To an extent, this is a common problem and usually people handle the situation by finding some way or the other to earn their living. But, what’s worse is to have a job that takes life out of you or you are stuck with a boss who makes life difficult for you. A simple solution to all these earning problems is to work on building your own passive income source that can support you financially and gives you the freedom to look for a truly satisfying career.

There are ways to earn money through internet without making any investment. I know it sounds like a scam, but that’s the last thing I want to cover in a detailed post. You sure can make enough of a living to survive and even earn full time using the internet. It will take time, patience and determination, however, once you are over the initial phase of struggle you are going to make money easily.

Earning from Internet

There is no limit to possibilities to earn from the internet. The problem is it is difficult for some new to the whole ‘earning with the internet’ thing to earn differentiate between legit and scam sources. This is why I have curated top six ways of to make money from internet without making any upfront investment.

Writing Articles

Internet is the breeding ground for millions of bloggers and webmasters who need fresh content for their websites regularly. It is impossible for any webmaster to produce large quantities of content on their own without help from other writers. This is where you come in, offering your article writing services. You can earn anything between $2 to $10 based on the quality of articles you provide. Digital point forums can be an ideal place to start.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the bread and butter for almost 80% of bloggers. With huge earning potential and zero investment you can use affiliate marketing to earn money through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can find hundreds of success stories of people making thousands of dollars from home just through affiliate marketing.

Paid Reviews and Posts

For those of you who already have a blog that gets enough traffic to get the attention of sponsors willing to pay you for paid product and blog reviews. Whether you are running your own blog or a YouTube channel, you can make money through paid reviews and posts without any investment. Just join any networking site like Famebit that connects you sponsors looking for publishers. The only catch is, always review only quality products, websites and businesses. This is important to keep up the quality of your blog.

Blog Commenting Service

Blog commenting is still a very relevant SEO technique that gets bloggers high traffic. There are hundreds of high traffic, quality blogs that allow auto-approved comments. The thing is not many bloggers are aware of these blogs. This is your to earn money by offering blog commenting services to these bloggers. You prepare a list of blogs offering auto-approved comments and sell it to other bloggers.

Guest Posting

You can make a lot of money with guest posting if you know how to do it right. I personally know clients who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for guest posting provided you get them enough exposure, recognition and credibility on the internet that boost their ranking in search engines. As you have guessed to earn such high pay, you need to nurture the caliber to write compelling guest posts.

Become A Broker

Not the stock trading kind of broker, but a broker for website owners. You get them clients who are willing to pay for advertisement on their website and in return you earn a commission on the deal. There are some known platforms like itrader that offer you an opportunity to find such clients. You can also mediate for selling websites and domains. This service pays big time, usually 10% of the selling price the deal closes at.

Remember that all these ways are to get you some side income while you are working on some serious money making plan.


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