[Important] Setting high expectations!

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Every time I hear “don’t be too optimistic – you shouldn’t expect too much”
or even worse “don’t expect anything and you will never be disappointed”…

I feel like boiling inside from fury! That is the worst thing you can possibly
do (mindset-wise) if you ever want to reach your goals & dreams!

Here is a quote that you should always remember:

Aim for the stars. Even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye, you will reach the moon!

Let me tell you a story that my mentor once told me. It’s a true story, by the way.

Back in the 70’s, when Dan Pena came back from the army as an officer, he decided
to get into the real estate business. He lived in Los Angeles and joined a real estate company
that was selling land in some completely deserted place, next to a lake.

Dan, not knowing anything about the real estate business, wanted to know what kind
of conversions he should be aiming for – what he should expect, asked his boss.

“Boss, on average, how many people buy?”

The answer he got would surprise everyone but Dan – because he had no idea
about real estate he didn’t know that this was a crazy expectation:

“Dan, you ought to sell every person that walks through the door!”

Basically, his boss told him that he should be able to get a 100% closing ratio.
On real estate – not a $1 product, or $7 ebook, but on real estate.

So Dan’s expectations were set super high – he aimed at closing 100% of his
prospects. He had no idea that the typical ratios in real estate are 10 times less
than that… or even worse.

Can you guess what were Dan’s “numbers”?

He got a 94.1% closing ratio.

If this story doesn’t convince you how extremely important it is to set
your expectations as high as possible
, let me tell you another story. This time, mine!

My major mindset change when it comes to expectations came in very early 2015,
actually right around New Years eve. I had $100 in my PayPal account and almost no subscribers
on my mailing list. My monthly income was about… $300.

I decided to set a (back then) crazy goal – make $3000 profit in January. That meant I had
to start earning $100+ per day pretty much instantly, with no list, no traffic and no
money to invest. Did I achieve my goal?

To be honest – no, I didn’t. But my monthly profit in January soared to $2700 (compared to $300
in December). That’s a 900% growth in 1 month.

Always aim for the stars. You might not hit the bulls-eye, but at least you’ll reach the moon!

I could’ve done all of this completely differently, of course!

I could have been “realistic” and set my goal to a nice and comfortable $500 profit in January.
That would’ve still been almost twice as much as in December, right?

PS. A month later I had a 6 figure business. Now that is growth!

If you want to quickly start making a lot of money in any business – offline or online – follow this:

  1. Set very high expectations – multiply your goals at least 10 times!
  2. Make a plan to reach that goal.
  3. Do your very best, “whatever it takes” to stick to that plan.

It’s that simple!

Many people miss step 2 – they set a goal, but then continue working the same way, on the same
things that they used to before. Wrong! Remember:

If you have 6 hours to chop down a tree, spend 4 hours sharpening your axe.

Final word – don’t, under any circumstance, listen to people that tell you to “be realistic”,
“stop dreaming” or “don’t expect too much”. I can guarantee you, that they haven’t tasted
much success! Setting low expectations is conventional wisdom. And as my mentor says:

Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong!

Set high expectations – plan how to achieve them – do all you can do stick to the plan!

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