Photography + Internet = Fast Cash (Without Talent)

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Are you a lens freak? Do you love to click away moments and expressions? Do you love to take photography classes? Is your DSLR or phone camera your comrade wherever you go? If you get a lot of applause for your clicks and the answer to all these questions is a yes then get excited to learn one of the most popular online money making ideas.

The great idea is to sell your clicked pictures online. This is a zero investment online money making idea. All you have to do is search platforms where you can upload your pictures and seek buyers. There are numerous online platforms such as portals, websites etc. that allow you to create your own account and sell your pictures.

You can convert your passion into a money making idea. You can literally make a lot of money online through your talent.

Sell Pictures Online

There are numerous websites where you can sell your clicked pictures online. These platforms allow you to make easy money. You can sell as long as you want. Here is the complete list of websites that you can explore and start selling through.

S. No. Website Description
1.      Shuttershock      You can sell three major things on this website:

Ø  Images

Ø  HD Videos

Ø  Vectors/icons

Contributors or photographers earn up to 20-30%.

Payments are cleared on monthly basis.


2.      Fotolia      This has a database of more than a million users or buyers around the globe.

You just have to upload your work and earn money.

You can earn up to 20-63% from this website.

The payments are made through PayPal and Moneybookers.

The payment or contribution given to you on the sale is based on a ranking system. If the rank is good, you earn more.


3.      Demand Media      A perfect platform for freelance photographers to earn money.

You cannot claim your copyrights. Once the sale is made, you have to give up your copyrights.

Payment is done twice per week.

The amount/earning varies as per the assignment.


4.      Bigstock      This website allows you to earn 30% on every sale your picture cracks.

If you have crack subscriber sales then, you get $0.38 as royalty.

Payments are made once in a week through PayPal, Moneybookers and cheque.


5. iStockphotos      You can earn at least 15% from every picture which is downloaded.

Payments are processed once in a week.



Before you choose any platform or website to start your picture selling business, you must make sure about the terms and conditions of each website. You just cannot make a fool out of yourself. So, explore and research before you start selling online.

Tips for selling pictures online and earning money

If you have decided to sell your clicks and pictures online then you have to keep certain things in mind. These will help you in earning well and fetching fame that you deserve.

  • Picture Quality is of utmost importance

If your picture is not appealing and perfectly captured then it won’t invite buyers. The foremost thing before you sell online is to click breathtaking pictures.

How can you sell a dull and blurred picture online? You just cannot; because it won’t appeal to the buyers online.

  • Right equipment is important

Honestly, this online money earning idea demands a little investment from you.  This investment is in the form of a good DSLR or camera, perfect lens and a tripod. It is really important to have right equipment before you put up selling show online.

You just cannot click any normal or average picture on sale. It has to be worth buying and mesmerizing.

  • Market Research is important

There are numerous subjects on which photography can be done. These are nature, wildlife, travelling pictures, pictures based on real life situations etc. Now, what you have to do is research a little to know which subject sells more. Then, you have to start your photography on that and sell the pictures.

  • Data Backup is important

Take backup of your pictures on time and as agreed. You cannot lose your online best seller due to carelessness. So, take regular backup.

Earn easy money by clicking amazing pictures and putting them for online selling.

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