Safe Ways to Make Money Online From Home

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Idea of earning money online from home is very enticing. It gives immense pleasure to be your own boss and work from home or supplement income from your full-time job with such opportunities. However, the ordeal for most online money making opportunity seekers is the widespread network of work-at-home scams on the internet. According to FBI, at present there is 61:1 ratio when it comes to legitimate work-from-home, i.e. for every one legit way to make money online from home there are 61 scams lurking around. We know, the consensus is worrying, but we did our due diligence and came up with the safest ways to make money online from home.

  1. Customer-service representative

For women, a job as a customer service is best suited. But, that’s when you are providing services as a customer rep via calls. In the era of internet, chat and email support is widely popular. Even some of the most popular MNCs outsource their customer service representative operations to freelancers. You can earn up to $10 per hour working as a customer rep, but that’s not a standard pay. Depending on your experience and skills you can earn a lot more.

  1. Online juror

I like this one because back in the day, it was my dream to become a lawyer. Anyhow, online jurors are required by companies that provide mock trial services for attorneys. You don’t need much of a reason to question the legitimacy of this online money making job, well because it has everything to do with law. Attorneys require online jurors to try their cases before they can take them to actual court trials. You can sign up on websites like eJury and OnlineVerdict to earn as an online juror. Pay is between $6-$60, but what you need to be more careful about is the disclaimer of these websites. You cannot serve as an online juror if you are a lawyer, paralegal, in relation with the attorney or any legal advisor.

  1. Cyber Crafter

If you are one of those human beings who always had a knack for craft, no matter how weird, internet is your place to connect to likeminded customers. While there are tradition auctions websites like eBay where you can sell your craft, but we were covering the safest ways to make money online so we turn to Etsy instead.

If you are an artist, then Etsy is the safest marketplace on the cyberspace for you. Home to over 10,000 artisans, we are sure you will be in great company while selling your products. Wondering what kind of art sells on Etsy? You can sell any of your handcrafted products, check out to see how weird art sells on this online craft mall.

  1. Accepting packages

If you are someone who spend most of their daytime at home, a safe way to make money online is to earn money by accepting packages for neighbors for a pay. You can sign up for a service called eNeighbr and earn $3.5 per package. For at home mothers who don’t have any specialized skill to sell on the internet this service is an ideal way to earn some extra money.

Avoid Work-at-Home Scams

We shared with you some of the safest way to make money online from home. With a little due diligence, you can easily find out whether an opportunity to make money is legitimate or a scam. Here are some tips to avoid work-at-home scams:

  • If you are in the USA, check the credentials of the company offering you work with the BBB or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Never agree to any service, without confirming some important things. Ask about your profile specifically, what task you will be performing and how exactly you will be paid-fixed salary or commission based.
  • Get alerted when you receive any opportunity claiming to be highly effective and offering huge earning potential that requires you to put some upfront money.
  • If you are relying on testimonies, then make sure you are able to identify the person so that you can investigate further if required.

You won’t need to practice any of these tips if you choose any of the above listed earning methods. We have shared only the safest online money making opportunities that let you work from home.

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