Right (& Free) Way to Start a Business Online

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Online businesses are making a fortune and everyone wants a piece of this profit making pie. Anyone can start an online business, but this makes many people vulnerable to mistakes that leads to failure. There is a right way to start any online business. I have consulted over a dozen businesses online and I know what steps can ensure that your small online business is a success. I am going to share my proven sequence of steps that can help you start an online business the right way.

Do not reinvent the wheel, but make it available to a market

What most online entrepreneurs do is to look for a product first and after that decide which market to sell in. This is a terrible mistake to start with. You need to search for a market first and fill in the gap if there is in terms of requirement. You need to find a solution for the problem that people are not able to find out. Now the next important question, how to find out what problem people are facing? Easy visit online forums, search keywords and track your competitors to understand what gap in the demand are they filling.

Create content that sells

The time between when visitors come to your site and the moment they make the purchase is filled with content reading. You have to (need to) write a copy that sells. Again, I have a proven formula for what sells on the internet.

You start with the headline that arouses the interest of readers. Then you move on to detail the problem the product solves and how it benefits the users. Next part covers your credibility as a problem solver and how other users benefited from your product. Testimonials from users who can be identified personally and reached for further details are the best for generating credibility. This is the convincing part, now you make an offer and create a sense of urgency. Offer a strong guarantee on your product and then ask for a sale.

This recipe always sells products no matter what niche you are in.

Build a professional website

You got a market, you have product and you know how to create a copy that sells your product, what’s left is to create your online store to kick start your small business. Let me tell you a fact, according to internet behavior researchers any website has less than 5 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. Once you lose a visitor, you have lost him forever. Therefore, make it easier for your users to like your website. Some important things to keep in mind- Always use plain fonts on your site, make navigation simple and similar on all pages and use graphics and other media only when it is necessary.

Search engine optimization

You are done setting up your website, now it’s time to get traffic to your website from search engines. PPC or pay-per-click advertising is what I advise to all beginners as you cannot rely on organic traffic to generate sales. It will take time of almost six months to see any real organic traffic on your website, but PPC get your highly targeted traffic within no time.

Make use of email marketing

The fact that most people fail to realize the potential of email marketing is the reason they are not able to make high sales. When you provide an opt-in list on your website you are creating a customer base that allows you to send them emails. What it means is that you are building 100% measurable lifetime relationships with them. Also, of all online marketing tactics, email marketing is the cheapest.

Back-end sales and upselling

Another statistical data showsthat 36% of customers buy again from you if you keep up with them. Closing first sale to a customer is tough, but back-end selling and upselling can make them your regular customers. Offer your customers reward and loyalty points to make them feel valued.


Internet is highly dynamic. What changes in a decade in the real world, takes on a couple of years to undergo a drastic makeover on the Internet. Still, the basic principles to start a successful online business are the same and now you know them. If you use them right, you will never fail in your online venture.

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