Pound that Keyboard, Get Money Online!

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Where do I start? How do I do it?

By far two of the most commonly asked question in any given field or career online. While online jobs and getting paid through the virtual world is not a new thing, surprisingly, most people are still at a lost on how to start and go about actually doing online jobs. One of the most common, if not the most common online job that any “noob” or newbie could get is data entry.

Data entry is basically doing what your job title says, you enter information or encode data to any form of electronic format through word processing or whatever data processing software or system your company uses. Don’t be fooled by the name, data entry might sound technical, but you can be easily trained, get accustomed and be hired on a data entry job even with little to no experience. What’s important is you trust your training and the process that they train you to do so that when you do get any production time or assignments you will be better at it. We’ve established that you don’t necessarily need any special experience when you want to earn money online through data entry. But, surely there are skills that are needed or that should be developed to be successful in this field? Yes, there are. Good typing skills and numeric entry skills are the basic necessities of being a good data entry operator. Typically, any company that hires data entry operators maintain an employer-mandated number of keystrokes-per-hour (KPH) this is used to measure your speed and proficiency with a keyboard. Aside from typing speed, an aspiring data entry operator should also be precise and computer savvy and focused. Data entry operation is mostly home-based or solitary in function, which means you must be able to work independently to the point that you don’t need supervisors or managers to keep you on track and to force you to focus on the project or metrics. Data entry also needs a particular sense of focus and attention to detail because one errant keystroke could invalidate a whole section or line of your entry. You’re basically entering information into a system, and if you feed the system any wrong information, then it would produce the wrong output or one that is not designed for it to do at the very least. Basic knowledge of common database software is also a plus. Familiarizations with third party systems is great although not a necessity because you will be trained, but having prior skills in basic spreadsheet operations and work processing tools can help you land big projects and get you raise, bonuses and more importantly, great online reviews. 

Now we know, data entry is not some humdrum job of just typing whatever you want into a system, what doe data entry operators actually do? You will regularly encode, enter and file information that could vary differently depending on the company or services of an institution that hired new.  In a certain project, you could be asked to encode sales and marketing data, and customer’s personal information in another. If it’s a company-facing support role that you are working in, you might find yourself responsible for entering and keeping information that your teammates and co-employees need. Most data entry operators and clerks would find supervisory and advisory jobs in customer service even if it means an internal facing job. Most companies in the US pay between $25,000 to around $40,000 annually for data entry clerks depending on different factors. I.e. prior experience, familiarity with the system, KPH and so much more. The best thing about this form of online job is most companies that do hire online are those that hire on a bulk basis. That means, if you are good, accurate and diligent with your job, you can do a months’ worth of data entry load in a week or weekly loads vanish in days and so on and so forth. This would also mean that you can take an additional job or a totally different data entry job or work two data entry jobs or simply just be a data entry operator on the sides. It might not get you that Ferrari that you’ve been eyeing since childhood but, $31,000 dollars a year doing something as simple as pounding on your keyboard daily might help Bali trip that you’ve dreaming about or surf that Australian beach that you’ve seen on Youtube. 

Just keep in mind to make sure that you have an internet connection and your laptop when you travel.