Perfect ‘Spare-Time’ Online Businesses

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I actually looked for some other way to start this post, but unfortunately starting with the bitter truth is necessary. In the current economy, there is not always a chance to get laid off no matter how good you are. No time is better than now to think about earning extra income to supplement cash from your full time job. If you want to earn some passive side income then Internet is your tool for the job.

Starting an online business is easy and you need not to be a tech whiz to make money through Internet. According to me a perfect spare-time online business is the one that requires little planning, minimal investment, no or very little technical expertise and is easy to maintain, requiring only a few hours a week of work. That being said, the perfect online business is also the one that suits you. There is no one size fits all kind of spare-time online business.

Here I am with the perfect online businesses that you can do in your spare time.

Information selling and marketing

Internet provides a global medium to sell or market information. Whether you know how to play a guitar or know the recipe for a delicious pie, there is an audience for you. In the age of information, anything you know can virtually be a money making skill that can get you some extra cash. If you think you are not an expert, don’t worry about it, all you need to know is more than just an average person to sell your knowledge. On average, 92% people go online when they need help with anything and you can definitely make some money cashing these people.

Selling on eBay

I think everyone should once in their lifetime try to sell products on large online marketplaces like eBay. These platforms have made it easier for anyone to setup their online store and sell within an hour. However, most people try selling products on eBay that they can sell only once. If you want a steady income from eBay it is necessary that you leverage products that don’t require you search a lot and can be sold again and again.

I have another take on how you can make money on eBay selling in your spare time. You can for what’s called “eBay seller for hire” service where you sell products for other sellers who are not able to.

Affiliate marketing

I call it the laziest way of making some serious money in your spare time because you don’t even have to have a product to sell to make money. You earn money based on a referral business model, where you don’t even have to interact with customers. You can use your blog, website or social media account to earn money with affiliate marketing. Choose a product that gives you most commission and is of your interest. The trick of making money with affiliate marketing is to connect with customers on a personal level.


This online money making business is for those who love to share their ideas. If you can write and have expert knowledge on a particular subject, you can have higher financial success running your personal blog. There are many people I know who are making a full time living with blogging alone. You can pick any topic under the sun-diet, parenting, gossip, photography, technology, anything. The only requirement is that you are passionate about the topic you choose. Once your store gets traction and start getting traffic you can make money advertising with Adsense which is Google’s advertisement network and/or use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog


If you spend your spare-time crafting then you stars are in your favor. Etsy is the largest craft mall of the internet that lets you sell your handmade craft. You can sell print art, digital goods, jewelry, knitted craft and everything that is handmade. You can set the price for your goods on your own, but the greatest benefit is that you get to sell your unique art that kills any competition.

There is it, the perfect spare-time online businesses that can make you money without much of an investment.


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