[Part 2] My Mentors’ 50 Billion Dollar 7-Step Blueprint

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During my mentors’ $18k 8-day seminar, he shares some
extremely powerful advice and strategies for building wealth.I’d like to share with you his 7-step plan to building a successful,
profitable business. I have changed it slightly to fit making money online.
1. Choose a Business Model
2. Become Passionate!
3. Learn from the Best
4. Build Your Perception
5. Tweak and Improve
6. Scale Sky-High
7. Automate Your Business & Repeat!
I will cover each of these crucial steps in detail over the next couple
of days. Today we will talk about becoming passionate.
2. Become Passionate

Passion = Enthusiasm and enthusiasm is Greek for “God Within”.

Almost everyone is passionate about a business when they start it.
However, a few months and problems down the road, you won’t
find as many passionate and enthusiastic people.

Napoleon Hill goes over this subject in great detail in his
masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich”. I highly recommend
that you read that book – it’s a classic.

How can you become passionate about the business that
you’re about to start? It’s usually not that hard, unless
what you’re about to do is something that you don’t like,
in which case you simply should choose a different idea.

Quick note – never, ever choose a business idea just because
it seems the most profitable! Choose based on your gut feeling.
Also, definitely read through Step 1 again.

Okay, so here are a few things that you can do to help you
become and be more enthusiastic/passionate about your biz venture.

-> Affirmations

I spoke a lot about affirmations in one of the emails sent to my mastermind
list. I also explain affirmations – what they are and how to use them,
in my premium PDF book (you can get it for free by joining the mastermind list).

-> “Practice within, when without”

What this means is – practice success before you even get there!

Go to expensive car dealerships and “smell the leather”.

Go to expensive hotels, restaurants etc. to feel and remember
what your future will look like. Having those “pictures” and
emotions in your mind when it gets tough is very useful!

-> Remember about your WHY

Once again, something that I covered in detailed in my book.

Why do you want to do, what you want to do? Why do you want to achieve,
whatever it is that you want to achieve? Money is not a reason. No sane person
would want a few thousand pieces of dirty, colored paper.

For many people, their reason WHY is to provide good for their family.
For others, it’s to feel safer about their future. There are hundreds of different reasons.
Find yours! It’s super important.

Never lose sight of your end goal!

-> Socialize with people on the same path as you

Just chatting and being around highly energetic, enthusiastic people
will make you full of energy and enthusiasm! That’s a proven fact.

Join a mastermind group or two. Follow people that you idolize.
Try to chat with the “big dogs” from time to time. I remember
how extremely motivating it was for me to get a reply from Dan
before he became my mentor – even though it was just 8 words!

Finally… remember, “Show Me Your Friends – I’ll Show You Your Future!”



Once you’ve become passionate or even obsessed with your idea, it’s time
to get some knowledge from the best of the best. It’s time to get a coach or mentor.

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