[PART 2] How To Get A Famous Online Retailer To Pay YOU

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In our most recent article, we discussed how to make money from Amazon as an affiliate marketer, and all the tools that Amazon offers to help you place ads and links that are more engaging and easier to manage. If you haven’t seen the article, feel free to read it here.

Just imagine one of the most well-known online retailers paying you whenever a person accesses their site via a link or ad you showed them and makes a purchase.

But, Amazon is not the only renowned online retailer that offers an affiliate program such as that! eBay is also more than willing to pay you to show their products around. And according to some well-established affiliate marketers, the eBay Partner Network is—in some aspects—easier to use and more efficient compared to Amazon Associates, the affiliate marketing program offered by Amazon.

Whether you would agree with these claims or not, let’s find out. We’re going to take a closer look about the eBay Partner Network (and try to make some comparisons along the way).

High Commissions (Relatively)

Compared to Amazon Associates’ 10-15% commission, you would easily find that eBay Partner Network’s 50-70% is a CRAZY HIGH commission. However, the commission rate will depend on which category the sold products belong to. The category with the highest commissions would be the Fashion, and Parts & Accessories categories.

Another notable feature of eBay Partner Network when it comes to commissions is the chance to get an additional 100% commission. This can be done if your buyer is new to eBay or a reactivated buyer (someone who hasn’t bought anything on eBay for the past twelve months). So if you manage to sell something under the Fashion or Parts & Accessories category to someone who is new or a reactivated buyer, you can earn up to 170% in commissions.

Join Instantly

One of the problems encountered by most people who sought to join Amazon Associates is the approval process. Some take a very long time before they get approved. While some others aren’t that lucky and are not approved at all.

With eBay Partner Network, you would not be bothered with a problem such as this since they don’t have any approval process. Once you sign up for this affiliate program, you’re in! You can start your affiliate setup using their marketing tools.

Speaking of their marketing tools…

Advanced Tools

eBay Partner Network has also developed its own tools to help you have a more enjoyable and effective affiliate marketing experience. There’s the Smart Suite, the tools for building links, the creative tools, and the Item Feeds. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

  • Smart Suite – included in the Smart Suite are the Smart Placements Tool and Smart Links Tool. The Smarts Placement tool is useful for placing ads that would appeal to your visitors’ interests based on previously visited websites (as it would detect in their visible browsing history). Additionally, the banners you can generate using this tool are fully open for customization. Smart Links saves you time for generating affiliate links as it automatically recognizes every eBay link placed on your site and converts them into affiliate links.
  • Building Links – One of the tools included here is the Bookmarklet tool. This would come in handy when you’re browsing eBay and see something that you would like to sell on your website. One click, and it generates an affiliate link for you. Another tool, the Link Generator, would be useful when you don’t have a specific product in mind. It generates links that would take your audience to a specific listing or category.
  • Creatives Page – eBay Partner Network also features quality graphics and creative content that would make your banner and adds more attractive to your audience.
  • Items Feeds – The tools within this category help you keep track of your sites performance thereby giving you insight for improvement. Others gives you a link to the best deals offered by eBay at the time.

eBay is easily one of the most well-known retailers in the world wide web. As long as you have a diverse and captivated audience, making money by being their affiliate will run smooth. Now that you have seen its features, whether eBay Partners Network is better or worse than Amazon Associates is up to you to decide.


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