[Part 1] My Mentors’ 50 Billion Dollar 7-Step Blueprint

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During my mentors’ $18k 8-day seminar, he shares some
extremely powerful advice and strategies for building wealth.
I’d like to share with you his 7-step plan to building a successful,
profitable business. I have changed it slightly to fit making money online.
I will cover each of these crucial steps in detail over the next couple
of days. Today we will talk about choosing a business model.
1. Choosing a Business Model
This is the first and probably most important step on your journey.
Spend some time on this… but also not too much time!
Many people simply procrastinate by taking days or even weeks
to decide on what business or business model they are going to follow.
Don’t make that mistake!
Here are the questions I ask myself before starting a new business:
  • What is the maximum potential that I can achieve?
  • Do I know anybody in this business?
  • Do I know a potential coach or mentor?
  • Is the barrier of entry high or low?
  • Is this an evergreen business?
  • Is there a proven model that I can follow?
Take the time to answer these when considering a new business
venture. As I said – this is crucial.
Once you’ve decided on a business that seems like a good idea
(after answering these questions above), use the technique that
I talk about in my PDF – ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • What is the worst thing that can happen and what will I do?
  • What will most likely happen and what will I do?
  • What is the best thing that can happen and what will I do?


If your answers to these 3 questions satisfy you – then it’s time
to roll up your sleeves and take action! Before you start working
on the “technical” side of the business, you must complete step 2,
which is of course: become passionate about your idea!

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