No Technical Skills? No Problem!

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Most people think that the internet worker population is divided into two major categories, the highly skilled technical people who work online and the paid trolls who have no technical skills but is out there to spread, hate, vitriol, and negativity.

I am happy to say that the internet workplace is not a place reserved for the highly skilled and the highly talented only.

There is a place for it for people who are here just to earn a quick buck to help fund that small skateboard deck they’re trying to build, or just to help keep the internet and phone bill at bay.

You don’t have to have a degree or a Ph.D. just to be able to earn money online.

Below I’ll give you some tips on how to earn quick a quick buck online using very little to virtually no skills at all. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop and a computer, a little bit of time and a bit of attention. (Yes, I said a bit because you don’t necessarily need Sherlock Holmes’ level of attention to details to do this.)

Here are some hacks to earn money online for people with no technical skills:

  1. Earn money answering surveys
  2. Get paid to do micro jobs or micro-working
  3. Create a “Gig”
  4. Go to social media
  5. Test websites and applications


If you have no talent whatsoever and is located at the base of the “technically skilled people online” pole, the answering surveys are for you.

You don’t need any talent, just the basic internet skills will do.

There are a lot of websites out there which offers gifts, gift checks and cash for you to answer surveys.

Registration for this sites are free, but you do have to be truthful about certain aspects of your personality because most surveys are for marketing purposes and research.


Micro Jobs or micro-working is one of the best ways to earn online for people with no technical skills.

Plus, there are hundreds of websites that pay for completing small and simple tasks.

Micro jobs or micro-working also offers a lot of tasks which you can choose from, so you can do one small thing over and over again until you get tired of it, then you can shift to another type of job or work.

Micro jobs range from finding stuff on the internet, classifying products, signing up for services, commenting, tweeting, liking and commenting on web pages.

It won’t get you a Bugatti but, doing small and mundane work can oddly be satisfying and when you get hooked on it, you’d be surprised at how much you’ve been able to earn while just driving your mouse and taking a cursor and keyboard ride.

This is best for bored students or stay at home mom looking for additional pay while basically resting and sitting down.


Ok, this needs a bit more of explanation because some might view this as technical work, but it doesn’t really have to be.

Go to Fivver’s website and create an account. After signing up, you can create a “Gig” or a basically a general offer telling everybody what you are willing to do for $5.

Some gigs involve technical skills so skip those part.

There are non-professional options like painting, blowing balloons for a party or any small and menial job.

You can also earn money by offering other people Gigs.


A lot of people view social media as that evil void that sucks all the life and time of everyone on it.

If you happen to love social media, love to be on it, there’s a chance that you’ve seen your favorite or hated star or politician on it.

You might have seen your favorite or hated brand online.

Brands and personalities are online because it’s a wonderful and free way to increase brand awareness.

This same companies and personalities offer jobs for you to be part of their social media management teams.

You don’t have to be an admin for the account if you have little to no knowledge about social media marketing, but there are a couple of jobs for social media managers which only entails that you be online and direct messages and filter replies and comments making sure that the brand or personalities public image is spotless.


There are a ton of websites who are looking for people with no technical skills to test their websites and application.

Website and app testing are simple, companies who provide this type of service would ask you to download their own screen recorder on your cell phone or computer.

They would then provide you with a website or an app to check out, use and review.

Your computer or cellphone mic would then be used to record your views and thoughts and give your insights on their features and your user experience.