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Making investments doesn’t have to be that complicated, nor does it have to require so much money. With only what you can spare on your current balance, you can make a significant investment and start your journey towards growing indispensable assets.

Even the finance and business world are evolving today, and it keeps on innovating and innovating. Now, it has come to a point where making and managing investments can be done with a single tap to your smartphone. Everything you need to make your money grow into profits compressed into one app. This is the next generation of investing.

One of such apps is called M1 Finance. It is available on Android and iOS, and you may opt to access their website through your computer browser. Here’s an overview of its features and why it is one of the best apps to use in this new age of investing.

Free Service

Although keeping the company running would still require a paid staff, the digital and automated nature of M1 Finance reduces the cost, allowing it to provide its services for free. You don’t have to pay anything to be able to install the app and create an account. You won’t even be giving commissions to M1 Finance or worry about any brokerage fees that you would need to pay on a conventional investment setup. All the returns that you make on your established investments through M1 are completely yours and yours alone.

Mainly, the revenue that M1 needs to maintain its operations comes from the back-end services that this company provides.

Simple Process

When investing through M1, you have three paths to choose from. You can handpick the particular investments you would want to put your money on. Or you could choose one of the preset portfolio templates, one that suits you the most. Or, you could customize your own portfolio and make it your own.

Handpicking the investments to choose is one of the simplest ways to invest in M1. They have more than 6000 stocks or ETFs available for you. If you already have set your mind to invest in a particular company. All you need to is to search it, and tap it. Investment made!

Pre-designed portfolios in M1 are called “Expert Pies” due to the fact that they have been designed by experts. Each of these Expert Pies is designed for a specific goal. If one of these goals matches yours, then go for it! Experts have got it laid out for you.

Of course, you can always choose to create a mix of the two approaches, called “Custom Pies”. You are free to choose an Expert Pie and mix in a little of the companies you believe in. With this tool, you can build a truly personalized portfolio.

Convenient Tools

With your M1 account, you will be able to deposit or withdraw money at your convenience—whenever you want. Additionally, if you want to set-up a recurring investment, you can conveniently set it up for a smoother flow of money in your account. With this flexibility, your investment account will be just like a savings account—except it has far greater interest rates than a savings account would.

Multiple Account Types

There are different account types in M1 to suite your needs. If you’re just setting up an account for your general investing ventures, you can setup an Individual Account. If what you need is an account to share with a relative or loved one, you may open a joint account. A retirement account is also one of the options as well as others that you might be interested in if you own an enterprise.

Helpful Information

Whether you’re just getting started as an investor or an experienced one looking to learn more about it, M1 provides ample and helpful information that you could use to make more strategic investments. Resources on basic investing principles are available for free, as well as consultations with M1 Finance experts.


With M1 Finance, you can invest as low as $100 for a start. If you’re looking for something with less minimum investments, there are other micro investing programs out there that can allow you to start an investment with only $5. If you would like to know more about that, feel free to see our recent article about that (SEE: How To Make Investments Effortlessly).