NEW: Easy Way To Make Money Using Social Media

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Do you use Facebook? How about Twitter or Instagram, or any social media sites for that matter? If your answer is yes, get ready for some good news! Did you know that you can make money by just posting on these sites?

It is possible through this website called Izea. Don’t worry about scams or anything. This is a legit site that is even now traded by NASDAQ. And the clientele includes marketers ranging from small-time independent businesses, to big companies like LG, Unilever, Microsoft, and so many other companies out there it would take the whole day to list down one by one.

But now, let’s talk about YOU! How can you—with the help of Izea—make money out of your posts?


Be A Creator

“Creator”—such a big word. But hear this out first. Being a creator simply means creating something. If you are a writer, or a graphic designer, or a photographer, or basically you post quality content on websites or on social media, then you are a creator.


Connect Your Social Media

On Izea’s website you can find a page where you can sign up as a creator and connect your social media account, blogs, and websites—basically where you have your audience. This is a very crucial step since your social media acounts and other websites will be your primary tools for making money.


Go To Opportunity List

Once you have connected your social media account and websites, the opportunities for you will just come flowing in. You will have something called an Opportunity List where you can browse deals that match with you—based on the number of followers that you have. You can even narrow it down to the best deal just by specifying the age group and the demographics of your audience.


Name Your Price

When you have looked through the opportunity, then you can choose the offer that you think suits you the most and name your price.

But here’s the challenging part. You’re not the only one using Izea, and you’re not the only one who had those deals on the opportunity list. This means you will have to convince those marketers to choose you instead of the others.

This is done through bidding. You name your price, but make sure it is the best price you can offer for your service. You need to be smart. If you overprice yourself, marketers may opt to go with another creator. If you lowball too much, then you might not be able to earn the right amount for what you are giving.

You might find yourself making mistakes along the way, especially this part. But remember that you can learn from them as you seize more opportunities out there.


Use Other Features

There are other features that you can also use to earn a bonus. Specifically, you can use referrals. When you get others to join and make money through Izea as well, you will get a bonus pay.

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