Making Big Waves Thru Micro-Working

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Do you enjoy puzzles? Or little routine stuff like identifying objects, solving puzzles and doing small pieces of work?

Then you might love micro-working or micro jobs.

Micro-working or micro jobs are mainly one-time jobs or projects that can be easily done in exchange for small decent amounts.

It’s very flexible and doesn’t require any considerable level of commitment.

It varies very widely and can be something as small as tagging photographs or identifying them, rating and leaving comments on websites and blogs, finding contact details, writing 200-word articles or online errands.

Some jobs are very common, while some can be new and quite exciting like being a mystery shopper. (Who knew that was an actual job right?)

The pay depends largely on the number of small jobs that you do and doesn’t rely on the magnitude of the job or project, thus the term micro-working or micro jobs.

Depending on your knack for doing small work, a micro-worker can earn as much (or as little) as $200-$400 dollars a month.

But how do you exactly earn money from micro-work or micro jobs?

Micro-working relies heavily on websites where they gather workers and employers.

Websites like MicroWorker, mTurk, SEOClerk, GigWalk, and ClickWorker help prospect micro-workers find employers and or job opportunities.

If you get the idea, the legitimacy of micro-work or micro job opportunities is anchored on the level of trustworthiness of the websites where you find them.

Shady or lesser known websites might have problems with payouts and even the actual jobs themselves.

Here are 5 of our favorite micro-working or micro-blog websites:

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)
  2. Crowdsource (OneSpace)
  3. Clickworker
  4. Rapidworkers
  5. Microworkers

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk is probably one of the most popular if not the most popular website for micro-workers or people looking for micro-jobs.

Mturk is owned by Amazon and started in 2005 and has served millions of people from more than 100 countries around the world.

Basically, when you enter Mturk, you’ll find two types of people: Requesters and Workers.

Workers or Turkers are those that are looking for jobs to complete or Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs).

Requesters post this HITs looking for people to complete them.

HITS can be finding an email address and phone numbers of people, categorizing objects and answering questions.

Once a work is submitted, the original requester will check and review the job and once he thinks everything is good, the worker or Turker gets paid.

Crowdsource or OneSpace

Writers, moderators and copy editors love Crowdsource because this website is especially for people who love this type of jobs.

Crowdsource has a lot of micro-work or micro jobs for transcriptions, writing descriptions for products and product categorization.

Micro-workers also love Crowdsource because they pay through Paypal and they have no minimum withdrawal amount.


Clickworker has been one of the oldest and known micro-work or micro job websites.

They have been around since 2005 and has helped almost 1 million micro-workers in more than 100 countries.

They pay through Paypal once a week, with a minimum withdrawal of $5 dollars.

Clickworker has free registration and anyone can work independently depending on the hours that you set as your available working hours.

You also get to choose the assignments that you like depending on the level or skills (or lack) that you have.


Rapidworkers follow the same format, interface and even layout as some of the websites featured here.

Like Mturks, they have employers and workers and have some of the most micros of micro-work available like 3-minute jobs that could earn you cents. But when you put them together can actually be worth your while.

Most people though find their payout method cumbersome because of the processing fees (6%) and the processing time.


Would an article running down the list of the best micro-work or micro jobs website be complete without Microworkers?

Microworkers is owned by Weblabcenter, Inc and is a crowdsourcing website that employs more than 700000 workers worldwide.

Microworkers even help employers create a professional campaign using Microworkers template to help attract prospect workers.

Microworkers is also known for being strict when it comes to their first withdrawal, employing a very rigid address verification procedure for security purpose.

Payment methods for Microworker include, PayPal, Moneybookers or skrill, or Bank Transfer through Transpay.