Earn More Online (Without Being An Expert)

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In today’s era, while many of us are busy shopping online or posting on the Internet for entertainment or otherwise, there are faces behind the other side that are making tremendous amount of money online. I’m not talking about just online selling or advertising but a lot of online opportunities to earn money. Why not consider online selling? Because, it is not that easy and not everyone has got that “sales person” inside us! Let’s focus on the rest of us, the ones with no such business gist inside us but still want to earn money online. What should we do? Let’s read out more to know.

Simple method to earn extra money at home

As we struggle through our skills to reach the above goal, let’s sit down and list out our expert areas or skills we have, which may include dancing, teaching, art or others. Once listed, lets dig out even specific skill which may now include expertise, such as Kathak, Expert knowledge in Physics, modern art or which can even include proficiency in MS excel or other software. If your answer comes out to be related to teaching, this article has got the stepping stones for you! Yes, several researchers reveal that a large number of Internet surfers belong to the category of youth and student.

While online shopping is optional, project submission is a mandate, and therefore, it increases the rate of students researching for projects online. Students want to learn as much as possible through online guidance and even try to find online subject teachers for oversees studies. Such factors make online tutors in high demand.

5 reasons to prefer being an Online Tutor than Traditional Offline Tutor

S.no. Basis

Online Teaching

Traditional Teaching
1 Travel Saves time and expenses of travel Requires teacher to travel. Includes energy and efforts investment.
2 Oversees students Opportunity to teach oversees students Not possible till either teacher or student relocates nearby
3 Advance Methods Due to non-face-to- face interaction, important to use advance communication ways or even modern teaching gadgets. Smart classes available but not always chosen in face to face interactions
4 Enhancement in skills Great possibility as students from around the world can be tapped. Relatively less possibility. Monotonous schedule.
5 Flexibility Flexibility of fixing class time as per convenience on regular basis Not much flexible due to travelling part of students too.


Points for consideration

The major point in this context is that earning online doesn’t have to be related to your main profession. You may continue pursuing your business, profession and give as minimum as 2 hours for online tutoring.  There is no geographical barrier when you work online. It’s true! Oversees students seek for Indian tutors online for basic Maths, English etc. There are Indian sites too for the same matter.

All you have to do is register on one such website. You might be asked for resume filing which shall include work experience, basic certification, bachelor’s degree or such other qualification depending upon the subject, field you want to teach in.


Top online portals around the globe- 

  • Aim4a
  • E-tutor
  • Brainmass
  • Instaedu
  • Vienova


Top Indian online portals-

  • Myprivatetutor
  • Vedantu
  • Tutorindia
  • WizIQ
  • Bharattutors

Once registered, you might be asked for a teaching demo. A minimum subscription fee is asked and after all these formalities you will be able to start.


Skill training

One can even teach a skill via such sites since not everybody is a geek or interested in studies. People look out for online hobby classes such as dance, aerobics, and guitar classes. All you need is a webcam, a good Internet connection and passion to teach your skill.

There isn’t any cap of earnings through online classes. It all depends upon your devotion and how much you want to make out of it by putting efforts. For example, vedantu.com claims a minimum of 25000 INR monthly for classes given 4hrs per day and an up-to 75000 INR monthly for full time online tutors.

Hence, at the end you don’t always have to struggle through a job for a minimum wage and can use your hobbies to earn that extra income sitting at home comfortably. To put it simply- “Just teach whatever you love and mentoring will be even more interesting.

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