Make Money Online With Short & Quick Reports

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Content writing and report making has gained a lot of popularity. There are corporate people and students who constantly keep looking for writers who can prepare their content and reports for them. If you have excellent writing skills, you can earn extra money at home by selling short reports. Making and floating short reports online is easy and fetches a lot of attention. You can literally convert your writing skills into your earning machine.

A short report is a report which comprises of 25 pages to 40 pages based on a particular subject or topic. Such short reports are required to be crisp and to the point. You cannot be elaborative and write thesis. You have to understand the topic and write precisely.

Do you have to be subject specific?

Yes, you have to be subject specific. You need to explore the market and know about the most commonly required short reports. You can even seek various topics or subjects that are frequently required by the students. You can prepare such short reports and upload them online for sale.

How to make a short report interesting?

It is very important to make a crisp short report. You have to be specific and very particular about the format that you are going to use while preparing such report.

  • Use pictures wherever you can. Pictures explain things and concepts in a better way.
  • Make use of tables and short notes wherever required. This explains things more cleanly and precisely.
  • Make use of graphs if needed.

You have to ensure that quality is important that quantity. So, maintain that and earn better.

Get help from online tools

Before you start writing short reports on various topics focusing keywords, you must know the popularity of that topic. You can know about this through various online tolls available. These tools let you know about how many times that topic or keyword has been searched on a browser. Here is the list of various tools that you can use:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • LongTailPro

How much you can make by selling short reports?

It is really important to know how much money you can make. For each download, you can fix a particular amount that you want to take. For example, you can fix $5 for general topic based short report and about $50 for specialized topic short reports.

If written properly, online buyers keep coming back to your website or page. This is the best home based business that requires zero investment.

How will your customers keep coming back to you?

Qualities of a good report will compel your customers/ clients keep coming back to you. Here is what forms a good short report-

  • Precise, crisp and grammatically correct
  • Focuses on the topic completely without beating around the bush
  • Has a lot of info-graphics and free spaces, such as drawings, bars, illustrations, pointers and graphs
  • The content is unique, to the point, out of the box and crisp
  • The topic is well researched and the client or customer gets good research material at one place
  • The quality of report adds value every time

Give something extra to your customer or client so that he/she returns. A loyal customer program or some discounts will make them refer your reports to others as well. However, it is important that you ensure that your quality keeps growing better with each report because a qualitative report earns good money.

What format to use?

Create your short report in word format but never upload them that ways. Word files can be edited. So, do not commit this mistake. It is advisable to upload your short report in PDF form. The PDF format cannot be edited. So, your content remains yours.

If you write and market all your short reports, you can earn oodles of easy money online. This method of making easy money online is not just 100% legal, but also informative. It keeps you on your heels to push yourself and prepare better reports.

This is indeed one of an idealistic ways to earn money. However, it does require you to put in effort, time, research and hard work.


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