Knowledge As Moneymaking Power

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“Knowledge is power”—have you encountered that saying before?

Well, in the world of making money online, knowledge is moneymaking power. There are a lot of ways you can earn money online by “selling” or “lending” the knowledge you have gained over the years. And if you’re someone who has knowledge to share, this article just might help you get a way to earn money just by doing that.

Whether you are looking for an easier way to make money or perhaps a way to make some extra money on top of what you make through a job or business. We will talk about some ways to do that. These methods vary a lot in their nature. But one thing they have in common is that you can do them online. You could just be at home relaxing on your couch or a lounge chair, or maybe out there travelling the world, but you are making money all the same. And that’s thanks to you imparting knowledge online. Let’s see how you can get started.

Become an Online Tutor

It’s the most straightforward and simplest way to make money by imparting knowledge. People from today’s generation are fond (or even obsessed) with gaining more and more new skills, whether it’s in language, music, or even tech stuff. And they are willing to pay a good amount of money for new skills that you can teach them.

The best places to start would be, TutorVista, and Chegg. these websites offer classes on a wide variety of topics, and you can apply to be included in their roster of pro tutors.

One advice that I would offer, though, if you’re considering to be an online tutor, is to teach English. Many professionals and businessmen (especially those from non-native English-speaking countries) would like to gain an international edge on whatever field or business it is that they are on. They are more than willing to pay for something that would help them be internationally competitive. And you could be at the receiving end of that transaction.

Answer Professional Questions

If you’re not the type of person who likes actual human interaction when imparting knowledge to others, you could try answering professional questions left by people all around the world and getting paid for those answers. There is this website called JustAnswer where you can do just that. Thousands of questions are being posted here every month by people who are seeking professional help from doctors, lawyers, technicians, and other types of professionals. If you can provide answers to some of these questions, then it’s an opportunity for you to make money online!

In order to maintain the public’s trust, though, JustAnswer needs to be strict about the people they allow to answer questions. This may make it quite tricky for you to be accepted into their fold. Upon application to the site, you will need to send some documents to verify that you are indeed qualified to answer questions here—documents such as resume, ID, etc. Certificates definitely help with these.

Consult On Startups

This is a lucrative way to make some money online without giving it much effort, but it may need even higher qualifications than answering on JustAnswer. On this website called, you could create an account where you can get paid for consulting on startup businesses. Obviously, that would mean that you need to be someone who has considerable experience business, if not an expert in it. works by connecting beginner entrepreneurs to experts or experienced businessmen and letting them book an online appointment with them. In this booked time, they can do whatever they want with the consultant they booked—ask questions, get tips, etc. Anything they can do to get help with whatever venture they are working on. And in return, the consultant (that could be you) gets paid a generous amount.

Making a decision to earn money online can be one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Aside from the money, it also gives you a more flexible schedule. Gone are the days that your life adjusts with work, but now it’s the other way around!