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95% of newbies online make this really costly mistake and regret it later – don’t follow them!

Wonder what that mistake is? Well, first let me just tell you why people do this. The reason is the “I’ll Do That Once Successful” Theory which states:

“Oh, this will be useful once I […]? In that case, I’ll wait till then to start!”

Okay, that might not be Einstein’s Theory of Relativity but it’s true.

Fine! Here, let me tell you what the mistake is… not building a mailing list from day zero! That’s right, not even day 1, but day zero.

The Equation is Rather Simple...

The Equation is Rather Simple…

When you hear people say that they make a passive income online and work just [single digit] hours per week, it’s because they have a mailing list, also known as an ATM.

When you hear about people that sell $7 or even $1 products, they do all the hard work for one thing and one thing only – to build a mailing list!

In the “offline” business world, real estate is often treated as an asset – something that you own, that can generate passive or nearly-passive income. In the online world, it’s having a mailing list.

Everyone says that “the money is in the list”. So why don’t people build their lists right away?

  • They think that since they’ll only have a small list, it won’t be useful or profitable.
  • They think it’s a lot of work.
  • They think they’re a ‘nobody’ for now, so they don’t want to be too ‘public’.
  • They think that it’s not really so profitable and it’s more for building brand recognition.

From my experience, those are the top four reasons.

As you might imagine, all of them are wrong. Let’s see…

-> Since it’s a small list, it’s not going to be useful or profitable.

Wrong! Do you know that even in far-from-perfect email marketing campaigns/newsletters that are run by absolute newbies, an average subscriber is worth $1 per month? That’s a normal subscriber, not a ‘buyer’. Your mailing list will provide the push that you need to get to a higher level! If you wait till you’re “big”, you probably won’t ever be big, or it’ll take multiple times longer.

“Hire to grow, not once you’ve grown.”

That quote is on a slightly different topic but it fits this ‘not emailing until I am successful’ example.

-> Building and engaging a mailing list is a lot of work.

Wrong! Actually it’s probably the easiest online business model out there. You have a form on some website where the visitor can input his email (and sometimes name) in exchange for an ebook, access to some course or something similar. That’s how you build a list.

Actually mailing your list is also easy – although, I must admit, it takes a while to get good at it. But basically all you need to do is go to your autoresponder (for example Aweber), write a broadcast email and click send. What you send to your subscribers depends on what you want to do – it’s your choice. But bottom line – it’s easy!

-> I am a nobody right now, so I’ll wait with being more public for now.

Wrong! Having a mailing list has absolutely no connection with you being a celebrity or not. Yes, all the big gurus have huge mailing lists (hint: they have them for a reason…) but thousands of people that you’ve never heard about also have their mailing lists! Maybe they have only 100, 200 subscribers – but they’re on the right track. Only a fool would wait till he’s a “guru” to start his own mailing list. That’s thousands of dollars down the toilet!

-> They’re mainly for brand recognition, not generating sales.

Wrong! As I said before – the industry average is $1/month/subscriber. The more value you provide, the higher your subscriber value will be, as they’re more inclined to trust you and buy from you.


I hope that by now you understand how crucial building a mailing list from day zero is. So go to the “Tools” section of my blog, click on Aweber Autoresponder, sign up and get started! If you need help, just reach out to me via Facebook or Email.

Hire to grow, not once you’ve grown!”


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