How To Make Money Using Websites

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Did you know? Making money using a website you built yourself doesn’t even have to be that hard anymore! With all these new online tools and programs that take the Internet by storm, establishing a website can be done by anyone. Tools like WordPress, Wix, and others make it so easy nowadays.

The real challenge now is making your website stand out and get noticed by netizens. That’s the part that takes time and effort to build. With a well-chosen niche and content, you can get enough traffic to your website enough to be able to monetize it and make a steady passive income through your website.

How do you exactly make money out of your website? There are quite several choices that you can engage.


Companies, on the average, shell out 10% of their revenue to market their products. Some even go as far as 50%. That means they put value and money to advertisements—advertisements that could be in your website; money that could be flowing into your bank account.

Monetizing websites using advertisements is one of the most old-school ways of making money online. But obviously, despite that, it has stood the test of time and is still an efficient way to monetize websites until today. You see a lot of ads on websites (maybe even a lot more than you would want). And one of the reasons that it still is a hit today is because of some advertising programs and campaigns that make it even more innovative and organized.

Nowadays, getting your website to show ads can be as easy as creating an email address. Tools like Google Adsense and can help you place ads on your websites without having to go through the hassle of contacting advertisers directly. The pay will just be heavily dependent on how many people get to view the ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way you can make money through your website is Affiliate Marketing. You can place banners or links to online retailers. And for every person that visits the retailer and makes a purchase, you get commissions.

Just like advertisement, Affiliate Marketing—as a tool to monetize websites—has been around for quite some time. But constant innovation and development make it relevant and useful to this day, especially with well-known online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Speaking of which, if you would like to know more about the Affiliate Programs from Amazon and eBay, I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at a couple of articles here that delve deeper into discussing ways to make the most out of being an Amazon or eBay affiliate (Start here: How To Get A Famous Online Retailer To Pay YOU).


Now this is a method to make money using your website that will only work once you have built a good reputation for your website, as well as a good inflow of traffic. You may opt to create content for your website that are exclusive only to members—and to be a member, visitors need to pay for their membership.

For example, you are running a blog about gaming and have built quite the reputation and respect of gamers all around the world. You can decide to setup a blog series that showcases secrets to beating this game or that game—but this content will only be available to paying members.

Again, this will most certainly NOT work if you are just getting started with a website. For a setup like this to be successful, you will need to build your audience and make sure that you are getting a steady traffic. Not to mention quality content that leave your visitors wanting more.

It sure takes a lot of work to be able to start making money using a website. But one thing is for sure; when you get it started, it’s definitely going to be worth it. Many who have tried these methods—advertising, affiliate marketing, memberships, and other methods too—are now steadily making money through their own websites and can even keep it coming even if they go inactive for some time. Who knows? The next person to live like this could be you.