Full-time Income Online By Being A “VA”

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Technologically advanced age today has opened numerous doors of opportunity for us to earn easy money. These opportunities can work really well if taken and done seriously. You can earn extra money from home in simple ways.

Being a virtual assistant is one such way to earn online money. Virtual assistant is a person or a freelancer who offers his/her administrative or creative support to the organization/an individual online. He/she does not have to go to any office physically. The services are given remotely. This job is suitable for those who wish to work from home or for the ones who keep travelling from one location to another.

If you want to become a virtual assistant then you must know about its basic concept and skill. We are here to explain everything and to help you in becoming a successful virtual assistant.

Types and Job responsibilities of a virtual assistant

Any type of organization, especially startups hire virtual assistants in high numbers. The companies outsource their work and take help from people who are ready to work from home or outside for them. Now, when we talk about the job responsibilities of a virtual assistant, there is not a defined list. There is also no limit on the type of services that a virtual assistant can provide to organizations.

We have categorized the job responsibilities of a virtual assistant on the basis of the type of work to handle. This can help you in knowing where you can excel by becoming a virtual assistant.

S. No. Job Role Responsibilities
1. General/Administrative      This is where virtual assistant works like a personal secretary or assistant.

The Job responsibilities include:

Ø  Handling calls and E-mails of your Boss

Ø  Customer follow ups

Ø  Scheduling meetings

Ø  Setting up reminders about upcoming tasks/projects/meetings/conference

Ø  Booking flight tickets and accommodation

Ø  Maintaining important data and files

You require good command over English and management skills will take you further in this role.


2. Digital Marketing      A virtual assistant handles all the online digital marketing campaigns of the company.

Good command over English and management skills will take you further.

You have to be sound and proficient in various digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing etc.

The Job responsibilities include:

Ø  Working on the best possible digital marketing strategies to enhance the ROI.

Ø  Planning, creating and scheduling the content on web.

Ø  Directing all the competitive search and analysis.


3. Developer or Coder      This is purely a technical job role.

Companies that are into software/ mobile application/any sort of programming will hire you for this role.

The Job responsibilities include:

Ø  Designing a website or an application as per instructions or requirements.

Ø  Maintenance of the website. This can include creating or adding a new feature to the website or an application.

Ø  Taking data backup.

Ø  Troubleshooting when needed.

Ø  Creating potential content as per the need and requirements.

Ø  Developing codes to run features online.

You have to be really good or experienced in technological languages and databases.

4. Writers/ Content Developers      You are required to develop the content asked.

The content can be in the form of an essay, article, blog, press releases etc.

The Job Responsibility include:

Ø  Developing content

Ø  Editing Content

Ø  Searching potential topics and keywords

Ø  Proofreading

You have to be really good and sound with the writing style and tones.


The other virtual assistants can be:

  • Design VA
  • Accounts and Finance VA
  • Media Editors
  • Data Entry VA

How Much Money Can You Make as a Virtual Assistant?

As a virtual Assistant, you can make money as per your will. You can tell about your salary expectations while being interviewed for the job profile. It is a myth that you can work few hours and make few money. You can earn lots of money online by being a virtual assistant.

The pay or earning depends from company to company. Some companies pay on per hour basis while some pay on monthly basis. You can start with $50 to $100 or less on per hour basis. You can go higher after you have gained experience as a virtual assistant.

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