How to Make Extra Cash Online

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As a kid, it may be hard for you to find ways to earn money. Depending on your age and skills, it is difficult to land at a money making opportunity as you lack experience, but if you are creative enough then you can find plenty of ways to make money. To help you with earning we are here with some easy ways to make money for kids. Always make sure that your parents know what you are working on and with whom.

Start a Neighborhood Business

This one is an old school method, but it is still the best way to make money for kids. Your neighbors are your client and you don’t need to set up a trust relationship with them as they already know you (it benefits only if you are a good kid!).

There are many neighborhood businesses you can start. Lemonade stand comes first to mind, but I guess most other kids will be doing the same this summer. However, this is the challenge that makes it more fun. Host a lemonade stand that is inviting and awesome. But, I will recommend you to accompany your lemonade with some fresh home baked refreshments.

Another neighborhood business, you can set up is handmade jewelry and other stuff. Believe it or not, people love handmade craft even when it is made by a kid. You can sell the stuff you make at market stalls and yard sales. But, if you have any adult support you can make some good money selling your handmade stuff online.

Mowing lawns and group car wash service is also a lucrative option for kids to make money. You may need some supplies to provide these services, but the return is equally good.

Tutoring and Babysitting

Back in the days, kids only had the option to tutor their friends and neighbors, but now in the information age, you can teach anyone, anywhere in the world. If you think you have the skills, it takes o investment at all to teach a subject or you are really good at playing any musical instruments, then you are lucky enough to make money through that as well. You can make a lot more money than any other way on the list to make money easily. You can even earn money tutoring your younger siblings.

Babysitting for your neighbors is another profitable way to easily make money. But, I suggest you get some experience to babysit by offering help to take care of your younger siblings. This will ready you to take responsibility of other kids. If you are old enough, you can take babysitting courses from organizations like Red Cross society. In summers you can make a lot more money by running your own daycare.

Getting a Part-Time or Summer Job

I like this one not because kids make money easily, but because getting a summer job offers you a lot more educational value. You can work at a retail store, as it is easier to get summer jobs in retail stores as there are no strict minimum age requirements. Retail stores like Macy’s and Best Buy easily hire teenagers. You can also take up a job at a restaurant if you are old enough. Not only you earn money in a summer job, but you also build experience to show on your resume.

There are certain online jobs available for kids as well. If you are a teenager and have writing skills, then you can earn good money from jobs require academic writers and freelancers. Photographers are also in demand. If you own a camera, I am sure you can easily land a paid gig online.

Working in the family business is also a good idea if you want to earn easy money. If you are young or lack experience starting with your family business will give you a platform to get ready to find a job outside. Ask your parents if you can work with them part-time in their business.

Most of the money earning methods listed here may not be the most glamorous, but they are definitely the easiest for kids. Often jobs listed as an easy money making opportunity are scams, and you as a kid should be able to tell. Stick to only these ways of making money easily and we are sure you will do ok.

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