[Full Series] My Mentors’ 50 Billion Dollar 7-Step Blueprint

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 During my mentors’ $18k 8-day seminar, he shares some
extremely powerful advice and strategies for building wealth.
I’d like to share with you his 7-step plan to building a successful,
profitable business. I have changed it slightly to fit making money online.
1. Choose a Business Model
2. Become Passionate!
3. Learn from the Best
4. Build Your Perception
5. Tweak and Improve
6. Scale Sky-High
7. Automate Your Business & Repeat!
I will cover each of these crucial steps in detail over the next couple
of days. Today we will talk about choosing a business model.
1. Choosing a Business Model
This is the first and probably most important step on your journey.
Spend some time on this… but also not too much time!
Many people simply procrastinate by taking days or even weeks
to decide on what business or business model they are going to follow.
Don’t make that mistake!
Here are the questions I ask myself before starting a new business:
  • What is the maximum potential that I can achieve?
  • Do I know anybody in this business?
  • Do I know a potential coach or mentor?
  • Is the barrier of entry high or low?
  • Is this an evergreen business?
  • Is there a proven model that I can follow?
Take the time to answer these when considering a new business
venture. As I said – this is crucial.
Once you’ve decided on a business that seems like a good idea
(after answering these questions above), use the technique that
I talk about in my PDF – ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • What is the worst thing that can happen and what will I do?
  • What will most likely happen and what will I do?
  • What is the best thing that can happen and what will I do?
If your answers to these 3 questions satisfy you – then it’s time
to roll up your sleeves and take action! Before you start working
on the “technical” side of the business, you must complete step 2,
which is of course: become passionate about your idea!

I’d like to share with you his 7-step plan to building a successful,
profitable business. I have changed it slightly to fit making money online.

1. Choose a Business Model
2. Become Passionate!
3. Learn from the Best
4. Build Your Perception
5. Tweak and Improve
6. Scale Sky-High
7. Automate Your Business & Repeat!
I will cover each of these crucial steps in detail over the next couple
of days. Today we will talk about becoming passionate.
2. Become Passionate

Passion = Enthusiasm and enthusiasm is Greek for “God Within”.

Almost everyone is passionate about a business when they start it.
However, a few months and problems down the road, you won’t
find as many passionate and enthusiastic people.

Napoleon Hill goes over this subject in great detail in his
masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich”. I highly recommend
that you read that book – it’s a classic.

How can you become passionate about the business that
you’re about to start? It’s usually not that hard, unless
what you’re about to do is something that you don’t like,
in which case you simply should choose a different idea.

Quick note – never, ever choose a business idea just because
it seems the most profitable! Choose based on your gut feeling.
Also, definitely read through Step 1 again.

Okay, so here are a few things that you can do to help you
become and be more enthusiastic/passionate about your biz venture.

-> Affirmations

I spoke a lot about affirmations in one of the emails sent to my mastermind
list. I also explain affirmations – what they are and how to use them,
in my premium PDF book (you can get it for free by joining the mastermind list).

-> “Practice within, when without”

What this means is – practice success before you even get there!

Go to expensive car dealerships and “smell the leather”.

Go to expensive hotels, restaurants etc. to feel and remember
what your future will look like. Having those “pictures” and
emotions in your mind when it gets tough is very useful!

-> Remember about your WHY

Once again, something that I covered in detailed in my book.

Why do you want to do, what you want to do? Why do you want to achieve,
whatever it is that you want to achieve? Money is not a reason. No sane person
would want a few thousand pieces of dirty, colored paper.

For many people, their reason WHY is to provide good for their family.
For others, it’s to feel safer about their future. There are hundreds of different reasons.
Find yours! It’s super important.

Never lose sight of your end goal!

-> Socialize with people on the same path as you

Just chatting and being around highly energetic, enthusiastic people
will make you full of energy and enthusiasm! That’s a proven fact.

Join a mastermind group or two. Follow people that you idolize.
Try to chat with the “big dogs” from time to time. I remember
how extremely motivating it was for me to get a reply from Dan
before he became my mentor – even though it was just 8 words!

Finally… remember, “Show Me Your Friends – I’ll Show You Your Future!”

Once you’ve become passionate or even obsessed with your idea, it’s time
to get some knowledge from the best of the best. It’s time to get a coach or mentor.

During my mentors’ $18k 8-day seminar, he shares some
extremely powerful advice and strategies for building wealth.

I’d like to share with you his 7-step plan to building a successful,
profitable business. I have changed it slightly to fit making money online.

1. Choose a Business Model
2. Become Passionate!
3. Learn from the Best
4. Build Your Perception
5. Tweak and Improve
6. Scale Sky-High
7. Automate Your Business & Repeat!

I will cover each of these crucial steps in detail over the next couple
of days. Today we will talk about learning from the best (of the best).

Step 3 – Learning from the Best

I have talked about the importance of having a coach or mentor in the past,
and I will talk about it again, today. Because it is really very important!

My mentor, Dan Pena, gives these 3 criteria for choosing a mentor:

1. He’s significantly more wealthy than you.

That’s pretty obvious, as long as your mentor is supposed to be business-related.

Having a business mentor that is at the same income level as you are
simply doesn’t make any sense! It’s like reading business books written
by people who haven’t achieved much more than make money from seminars.

2. Your mentor has to be someone you really like and respect.

Preferably, you should have something else in common – like a sport or hobby.

Since you will be spending quite a lot of time with your mentor, you should
become friends and enjoy spending time together. If you don’t like your mentor
as a person, or he doesn’t like you, chances are you won’t be his mentee for too long!

Good mentor-mentee relationships last much longer than just the journey of the
mentee to success. My mentor was in touch with his 3 mentors till the day each
of them passed away.

3. Your mentor should be an expert in the same field of business that you’re in.

This isn’t always the case, as we’re currently talking about mentors, not coaches.
But it certainly does help! He can give you specific, not just general advice.

Dan Pena had 3 mentors – one for business in general, one in his industry and
one that “screwed his head on straight”.

You might be thinking – oh, but I need someone like a mentor only if I want to
build a huge business or become a world-famous [something].

No, no, no! Even if your goal is something like making $10k
per month from your online business – a coach is absolutely
vital to your success!

He knows what to watch out for, he knows what to do and will keep you
on track when you start to fall off it – and you will, trust me.

How do you find a coach? It’s usually quite easy, actually.

Many people simply offer coaching. Apart from that, you can
find out who the top people in your industry/market are, and contact
them. Perhaps they would be willing to mentor or coach you.

Do note that coaching usually costs – a lot! Your coach should
be significantly more experienced and wealthy than you, which
means that his time is worth a lot. You have to be ready to pay the price.

Another really good option is, as I mentioned a few days ago,
joining the business that I work on. You get a full-time personal
coach that will help you and guide you along the way.

In the next step, we will cover something that almost everyone skips,
and that’s the reason it takes them ages to achieve success. Building perception!

Perception is Reality!

Step 4 – Building Your Perception

If there is ONE thing I’d like you to learn from all my material,
blog posts, emails, guides, courses etc. it is this simple quote:

Perception is Reality!

Once you fully grasp this, you will be able to go into a new
business venture and go from being a nobody to an expert
and “local celebrity” in a matter of days, instead of months.

What exactly am I talking about? Do I mean lying about your
experience/achievements? NO!

All I want to say, is – you must focus your efforts on being
perceived as an expert, as a “somebody” as much as possible.
Most people call this “branding”.

Because, people treat you the way that they perceive you.

Wonder why sometimes (often, or actually, always) someone
with a ton of experience, knowledge, the best offer and all that,
has a lot less success/business than a complete “newbie”?

It’s because no matter how good they are, if people perceive them
as a nobody, then the reality for other people is that the person
is a nobody. Even if he is a true expert and grandmaster.

Is this fair? No, probably not. But it’s a fact of life – you have to
learn to deal with it and use it to your advantage.

So… how can you build your perception in the online world?

Most importantly, fix and boost your social media presence! Set up a Facebook group,
fanpage, set up a blog, a Twitter account, Instagram – whatever.

Make yourself known. Use various techniques to grow your
“following” as fast as possible. I know this all might sound weird and
useless, but picture this:

Person A has a Twitter account with 15000 followers. His tweets are often
retweeted, he gets a lot of favorites. He has the maximum amount of
friends on Facebook and a lot of people following him. His Facebook fanpage
has almost 20000 likes and huge engagement from fans. He’s got a great looking,
friendly and smiling profile picture.

Person B has a Twitter account with 200 followers and zero interaction.
His Facebook page doesn’t have a photo or description and has 30 likes,
mainly from his friends. His profile picture is blurry, very low quality
and is obviously taken as a “selfie” in his toilet.

Who would you perceive as the “better” person? The one that you
would prefer to do business with? The one that you would want to
have a chat? Obviously Person A!

Yet Person B is the true expert and he’s the best at what he does, while A
is a complete newbie and has next to zero knowledge.

But – perception is reality and your perception of Person A makes
him an expert and “hero” in your reality! See the power of this rule?

Once again, never forget:

Perception is Reality.

In the next step, we will cover how you can tweak and improve
your conversions to maximize your income and make the business
run more smoothly.


Step 5 – Tracking & Improving

This will be a very short post/step as how you track and improve
depends completely on your business.

However what I want to cover is simply the importance of tracking
every single click, every link, every conversion and everything
that your visitor does. This is crucial in every online business.

I often see the “I’ll do it once I am successful” theory taking place here…
The very same theory that somehow convinces people to wait with
building their mailing list until they already have visitors and revenue.


Just as Step 4 which was building your perception to create a new
reality, you have to set up proper tracking and be ready to tweak
and optimize before you start sending hordes of traffic to your offers.

Here is a very simple example.

John decides to join MTTB. He wants to build a list (well, at least he
made one good decision!) and so he creates a landing page where
he will want to get his visitors name and email.

He spends some time creating a landing page and once he “feels”
that it’s good, he buys some traffic to it. His opt-in rate is 30%
and he’s happy – because he doesn’t know that he’s essentially wasting money.

Annie also decides to join MTTB and build a list. Unlike John,
she creates 10 different landing pages and sets up tracking for each
and every one of her pages to see which one is the best.

After buying some traffic and sending it to her pages, her worst page
(which she still thought was “good” while building it) got a 27%
opt-in rate, while her best page got a whopping 53%.

Now Annie can remove the 7 bad pages and continue optimizing her
top three until she finds one clear winner. That winner gets her 56%.

Both Annie and John buy 2000 clicks to their pages.

Annie gets 1120 new subscribers, while John gets 600. John spent
nearly twice as much money to gain a new subscriber – he now has
a twice harder job breaking even/getting profit!

Both have spent the same amount of money, but Annie will now
grow geometrically faster than John! What’s more, John might not
even break even (no pun intended) – and he’ll go out of business!

I know that this is a very, very simple example but it shows the importance
of tracking and tweaking your pages/funnel/whatever.

If I haven’t made myself clear yet – set up advanced tracking from
day 1! Don’t throw money down the toilet. Just do it!

Once you’ve tested your pages/funnel with some traffic and chosen
a “winner”, it’s time to scale as much as possible!

Step 6 – Scaling Sky-High

Alright, so let’s just quickly recap where you are right now.

You’ve chosen a proven business model that you believe in.

You’ve become passionate – even obsessed – about succeeding with it!

You’ve found a coach or mentor, someone that will help you from start to finish.

You’ve built the perception of a leader or expert in your field – and you’re ready to make it a reality.

You have closely tracked, improved & tweak your funnel/offer for maximum conversions.

Now it’s time to take all that, apply some bigger numbers and scale!

Just as the previous Step, this really depends on your business.
For the sake of an example, let’s use “Annie” and her MTTB business.

Annie worked hard during step 5 and has successfully created a “winning” sales
funnel. In her initial, smaller-scale tests she’s getting great conversions,
lot’s of sales and most importantly – profit.

Many people stay at this level as they’re happy that it’s “working out for them”,
but not Annie! She now wants to take what she’s got – her 100% automated,
hands-free sales funnel and send 2 times… 10 times… 100 times more traffic to it!

Remember – once you start scaling your business, it takes a lot less time to make
a lot more money, skyrocketing the amount of money you earn per hour!
What I mean is, you can be working 4 hours per day and making $200, or
spend an extra 2 hours working on scaling but make $2000. See the difference
in money earned per hour?

If time is important for you… optimize and scale!

Here’s an example. Let’s say that once a person goes through your funnel,
your average profit (per customer) is $2. You can continue sending the same
amount of traffic – let’s say 100 leads per day (getting you $200/day) or…

You can 10X it! If Annie has such a good funnel, that gives her on average
$2 profit for every person that goes through it, why not send, say, 1000 leads per day?

It’s All a Numbers Game!

There’s really no limit when you’re using paid traffic. There’s pretty much always
more traffic available than you can buy. So just keep on getting more!

What’s important is that you closely watch your conversions. That is
because you want to continue tweaking and improving – always. If you could get
$2.50 per customer (on average) instead of $2, why not?

This is the beauty of having an online business – you can scale up or scale
down in a matter of minutes. Plus…

Once you’ve set up your funnel or offer the right way (where it’s nearly 100%
automated) you can keep on sending more and more traffic, do almost nothing
and collect the commissions! That is what making money online is all about.

This is also the main reason I chose to join MTTB – I could just send traffic to
their offers (I didn’t even need to set up my own products), they would
contact leads for me and generate the commissions – it doesn’t get easier than that.

Making your own sales funnel can be really really hard. If you’re an experienced
copy-writer and have a few hundred hours to spare, it’s not that bad. But most of
us are not (including me). So having a complete, top-notch funnel ready for you to just
send traffic and a phone sales team that closes sales for you…

If you do join, you can almost skip Step 7 as the entire business is pretty much already
automated for you – it’s a business-in-a-box with all the sales being made for you.

But I still encourage you to read through Step 7!

Final Step – Automation (Optional: Rinse & Repeat)

Why is it that some business owners work 12 hours per day, every day
of the week and take no holidays…

While others, with similarly successful businesses do a fraction of that work?

It’s because they have learned that the key to a successful business is
automating – making it independent of yourself!

Focus on Making Your Business Independent From You!

There is a good way and a bad way to automate your business. Let me
give you a quick example:

Bad way to automate your business:

You hire a person and teach him what the business is about and what
are the tasks he needs to do. You let him work, sometimes check how
he’s doing. You sometimes give him extra tasks such as hiring.

Why is this bad: You forgot about organization! Soon once he hires
new people, he starts every new person how to do everything, you’ll
have a ton of chaos. You need to make sure that there is a written strategy,
a “way of doing things” in your business. Your employees should be hired
to do specific tasks, not just “help out”!

Good way of automating your business:

You create a system, a blueprint or a “way of doing things” in you business.
You hired new employees for certain tasks and you provide enough training
for that specific task that even if they are a complete novice, they can
do that task like an expert – and create the same exact results that an expert would.

Your training should cause novice employees to have results of experts.

To make this more clear – you should systemize your business. You shouldn’t
need to hire experts or talented people to run the business – your system
should be so well written out and organized that completely novice people
can do the tasks – step by step – and create identical results.

Automation is crucial if you really want to live the “laptop lifestyle”

Know what’s the one big “secret” of people who are successfully living the laptop
lifestyle? They have employees that do 99% of the work for them! They even
have a manager that makes sure their employees do the work correctly.

Does this take time and effort to set up? Definitely – but it’s more than worth it.
I know well, because I had (and still have) employees working for me in my
email marketing business – it takes me about 1 hour per week and provides
me with a solid, truly automated/passive income.

There is an optional part to this step – repeating.

If all you want is a full-time, passive income online – you’re there. Congratulations!

However, if you want to double or triple your income and you’ve already
perfected your current business (tracked, improved, scaled, automated)…

You can go and do the entire process starting with Step 1. By setting up another
business! That is actually what I did – as I said above, my email business
now takes me just about 1 hour per week. Yes, it does earn me a full-time
income but I wanted more than that. So, I started in this business,
followed the 7 Steps and… here I am!

I could write a lot about automating your business – but instead, I’d highly
recommend that you get this book that covers it extremely well:

That book is “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. Great read!

Of course if you’re in MTTB most of the business is already automated!
You’ve got your professional phone sales team closing sales for you,
the sales funnel is already set up, MTTB provides a full-time personal
coach for your leads and follows up/stays in touch with them.

However, even in a business-in-a-box like MTTB there is always
something more that you could automate, or simply automate it
better (more efficiently). So… never forget about this vital step!

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