Easy Money: Get Paid For Simply Using Your Phone

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How often do you use your phone? Every day? Every hour? Every minute? EVERY SECOND?

Whichever it is, can you imagine getting paid by just keeping on using your phone? That every time you slide that lock screen away, actual money is being sent to you?

Well, we have got great news for you! That is very possible for you! With just one slide at a time, one tap at a time, you can receive money!

Now, how is that possible?

The Moneymaking App

There is this something called Slidejoy.

Slidejoy is an app you can install on your Android smartphone, and it lets you make money through your phone as we have just stated. It does that by putting ads and trending news on your lockscreen.

But how does that work exactly? How are you going to get paid just by looking at ads on ,your phone?

How It Gets You Paid

Simple. Companies and brands pay Slidejoy to put their ads on your phone, and a part of that payment goes to YOU! The app features a variety of commands that can allow you to earn more, depending on how you use it.

Depending on your commands, you can go from your lock screen to see more information on the content you’re seeing, or move on to other news and ads. Or maybe if you’re done looking at these adds, there are also special shortcuts in-app that will allow you to go straight to your notifications, or just simply go to your home page. Whichever you choose, as long as something popped on your lock screen, you are going to get paid for sure.

Receiving The Money

Slidejoy has this interesting currency called “Carat”, and as you progress; the longer you use this app and see the ads and news, the more Carats you’re going to earn. By the end of the month, you can now use these Carats in whatever way you like.

Ways To Convert Carats


There are a few ways you can choose to spend your Carats. The most direct choice would be converting it into actual money. You can link your PayPal account into Slidejoy. Once you have made enough Carats, then you can convert them into money.
-Gift Cards

Another thing that you can use your Carats with is gift cards. If you’re eyeing a particular product from a certain brand that you love, you can actually use your carats to get gift cards from them!
-Giving To Charity

Here’s if you feel a little more like helping our fellow men who are in need. Aside from getting the money for yourself or getting gift cards, you can set aside your Carats to help a greater cause to help the less fortunate and the less privileged people. That’s one more meaningful way to spend your Carats.

Whichever of these three choices you choose, Slidejoy provides a good way for you to be able to earn extra money through your phone even without you putting too much effort. With you just using your phone as you have always done, you save and save money that you can use for whatever purpose you would want.

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