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Online buying has grown multi-folds now and so has selling online. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are already being used for commercial purposes and no doubt these are smart ways to use the people’s attention to earn money online without investment.

There are plenty of Internet business opportunities these days but that’s not just it. There are other sites too for this. It’s not only products, there are services too which are being sold. For example, many companies are looking for content services; logo or graphic designing, picture editing etc. One of the leading sites in this context is Fiverr. It has got millions of users and is amongst the top searched sites on Google.

What’s Fiverr?

Launched in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace to sell or buy product and services. It has grown to a large extent and is in the top rated sites now. It has got simple rules- no bidding system, which makes it easier to use.

Everything sells for $5 on Fiverr, which eliminates the headache of price negotiation between buyer and seller. You may simply interact with buyer using Fiverr to understand the requirement and delivery days etc. Fiverr gives you $4 for each task completed and keeps $1 as the fee.

Starter guide about Fiverr-

  • Creating a Gig– A gig is profile which has details about the seller. It consists of description, delivery days and such other things which buyer would read about you before giving the task or asking your service. It’s your first impression.

Here’s the tip– There’s an option to add extra gig with the above general one. You may offer services for higher price (more than $5) here. Example- Your general work delivery days are 4, add delivery in 1 day with a higher price tag in extra gig to attract clients with extra bucks.

  • Costs involved– There isn’t any cost involved to start with Fiverr. It has specifically mentioned 80% of the revenue from a task will be paid to you and 20% will be kept as Fiverr’s fee. No hidden costs at all!
  • Time investment involved– It is totally flexible. How much time you want to devote, whether you want to work full time or part time, select hours per week, everything is left at your discretion. It is all there in Fiverr’s website. Once you start creating your gig, you will be answering all these for better clarity between you and Fiverr. You can even choose how much you want to earn monthly. (Whoaat!!)
  • Rewards and returns– Minimum earning capacity per task completed on Fiverr is $4. However, the range goes up to $995 per task as per set rules. Once your task is submitted completely, payment can be transferred to your account.

Services that can be offered-

There are 100s of categories under which Fiverr allows you to sell. Listing down the few of the things you can start selling on Fiverr-

  • Logo Designing
  • Sell E-Books
  • Sell Apps
  • Sell Web Design
  • Sell Tutorials
  • Banner Creation
  • Advertising Gigs
  • Editing work using Photoshop
  • Audio/Video gigs
  • Content writing


Get that extra using Fiverr

Who doesn’t want to earn extra? You can literally maintain your 9-5 job and work just 3-4 hours or whatever time suits you on Fiverr. Normally 5-6 gigs monthly are the average number a person takes working part time on Fiverr. Now it is up to you how much work load you can take, how quick you are in completing the gig and how smart you work with more and more gigs. The basic tip that can get you a terrific extra is the “Add extra Gig” option. This is a golden chance provided by the Fiverr.

Apart from this, you have got to be a little alert around the site, pending tasks in queue. You can certainly offer your service for a higher price once your client base is strong and you have built the strong marketplace relation with them.

But all this takes a little patience as you enter the journey on Fiverr. Learn about the market place, how gig system works and then only you will be ready to grab that extra online earning.

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