Do You WANT This or Do You “Not Mind” Having This…

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This is a topic that I love to talk about. I just do.

Why? Because, after a lot of thinking, I have come to a conclusion – based on myself – that…

When most people say that they want something, they don’t mean it!

When you go up to someone on the street and ask him if he wants a job where he can be making $1 million per month, what would he say? Of course: “Yes, I want it!”. Thing is, what he really means is: “Yes, I wouldn’t mind having such a job“. But does he want it? No!

Show a man what he wants and he will move heaven and earth to get it.”

A vast majority of people act this way – how many times have you heard someone (even you or me!) say: “I want to have a better job” or “I want to be my own boss” or “I want to have that newest car” or “I want to go on holiday to French Polynesia” or…

There’s one big problem here. When we actually want something, we try and get it. We make a plan, we work hard to stick to it and achieve whatever our goal is.

When you hear people saying that they want a better job or they want to own a business, do they try to achieve that?

No! They just keep on talking.

If you really, really want something – you will do whatever it takes to get there. Sometimes it takes more effort, sometimes less, but as my mentor says…

If you want to hunt with the big dogs and pee in the tall grass, you need to get off the porch!”

You have to think about all those things that you “want” – and ask yourself, “Do I really want this?”. Do you really want a brand new, spacious car – or are you just saying that “Yeah, alright, I wouldn’t mind driving one”?

Because if what you “want” isn’t really what you want… you won’t have enough incentive!

When you bump into some problems or “tough times”, you won’t have enough enthusiasm (remember: that’s greek for “God within”) to deal with those problems and obliterate them. Why won’t you have enough enthusiasm? Because your incentives won’t be appealing enough for you!

It all comes down to your...

It all comes down to your…

This all really comes down to your WHY.

If you don’t really understand what I am talking about with the “WHY”, here’s just one example that will make it all clear for you:

You won’t wake up at 5am on a rainy day, when you’re sick and feeling terrible and go to work because you want a golden Rolex or a new car.

You will wake up at 5am on a rainy day, when you’re sick and feeling terrible and drive your daughter to school because she’s got an important exam.

It is absolutely crucial that you find and pin-point your WHY… and become laser-beam focused on a goal related to your WHY!


What should you take away from this post? You need to set your incentives right. Let’s say you’re a father and you have a son. What will get you up in the early morning or keep you working late – a vision of a new car so you can impress your neighbors, or a vision of you being able to take your son for a father-and-son trip for which you need money to become a reality? I think the answer is obvious.

Find what motivates you (look around your WHY…) and make that your incentive!

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