Build Huge Profits Out Of Your Spare Change

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Imagine that you have an investment fund that keeps on building even without you constantly setting money aside for it. Your money is growing, and you don’t even feel like you’ve given anything to that investment.

Well, that could be your reality starting TODAY. This micro-investing program called Acorns can help you build an investment fund that keeps on growing and growing as you continue to live your life as you have always done.


Keep Purchasing Your Needs And Wants

As constantly emphasized above, you don’t need to worry yourself about setting aside a big amount and allotting to an investment. Even as you do your everyday habits and routines, and buying your daily needs and wants, Acorns is doing something to grow your money for the future.

How does Acorns do it?

Well, do you have spare change? THAT is where Acorns works.


Making Your Spare Change Grow

Whenever you make a purchase, Acorns give you the option to allot your spare change for investments and make it grow. For example, if you spend $1.70 in a purchase, then 30 cents goes into your investment. Acorns will work with that and make your money grow. And as you continue to make purchases and add spare change to your fund, the faster your money will make a profit and will continue to grow.

Those seemingly insignificant and little amounts you have sown into the investments make more and more profits over time. After some time, this stack of spare change can grow into a HUGE FUND that has YOUR NAME on it!

But, that is not the only option you have. When you do have money to spare on investments, you have the option to add that to your current fund as well! That makes your fund grow even faster.


Making Intelligent Investments

Ultimately, you have the final say as to how your money will be invested, whether it’s an aggressive approach with high risks, a conservative approach with lower risks, or maybe a little bit of both. But you can rest assured that your investments will be handled by world-class experts and economists.

These investments can go a different varies of stocks, bonds, and the like. And you may ask, “How can my spare change afford a share in a company?”

Well, Acorns has a little something for that. They have this powerful technology called Fractional Share Investing, which makes it possible to own a fraction of a company share with amounts that don’t even add up to a dollar.


Other Bonuses

Acorns also provides other bonuses aside from its innovative technology and freedom as to when and how investments are made. For starters, when you sign up, you get an automatic $10. Just by signing up, you will get that amount.

Also, when you refer Acorns to your friends and they start investing through Acorns as well, there will be something big in it for you as well.


You see, investing into big companies aren’t just for the wealthy anymore. Thanks to this technology, you can start making your money grow even with just your spare change—you won’t even feel like you’ve given any significant amount.

There you go. Happy investing!

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