3 Steps To Growing $5 Into Huge Profits

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Do you have at least $5 with you right now? If you could, would you want that $5 to grow into huge profits and investments?

Even the just the thought of making investments can be pretty intimidating. To some, it could a big step—perhaps even TOO big of a step. Some people find it hard to make investments because they don’t have the money for it in the first place.

But here’s a breakthrough for you. If you have $5 right now, you can set it aside and watch it grow.

How can it be done? You “stash” it.

Well, there’s this micro-investing program called “Stash” and you can use it to earn huge profits even with just $5 as a starting investment. What you will be reading below are the steps and even benefits of using Stash as an investing platform.

Invest According To Your Style

Stash gives you the choice to set your investing style. If you’re a “slowly but surely” type of investor, you can choose the more conservative styles. But if you’re of a risk-taker than a safe-playing kind of investor, there are also aggressive styles available. And if you would want a mix of both, there’s nothing stopping you to go for that. It’s your money and your investment, so you’re the boss!

Invest What You Can Afford

But is it really possible to make investments with just $5? Shares from companies must cost at least $100, right?

Yes, and yes.

But with your $5 or more, Stash allows you to own a part of that share. It’s called fractional shares. You are free to put in just what you can afford and keep building your investments.

Also, if you manage to set a budget to add to your investments, you can use the Auto-Stash feature. This allows you to setup a recurring investment that would fit with your investment. Again, no pressure to invest big amounts, just what you can afford.

Learn To Invest More Effectively

Stash is an easy tool for you to make investments even with a small starting amount. But it can be a good tool for learning more about investing. As you grow your investments, the Stash Advisor will walk you through the basics of investing and will even provide you with tips and recommendations. This would help build both your confidence and your knowledge on how it all works—something you would need as you continue to grow your investments.

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