2 Reasons Why You Should Sell Pictures To Big Companies

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Have you ever tried posting photos online? Maybe it’s in Instagram, or Facebook, or both. It’s fun, right? And it feels so good when people like your pictures on these sites.

But don’t you just wish that there is a way that, with these pictures, you don’t just gather likes, but money as well?

Here’s great news for you: there IS a way!

You can do it through this website called Foap. Here, you can upload pictures you tool that you think would be awesome to see in magazines and advertisements and whatnot. You can give the appropriate tags. And you get big companies to pay you so that they can use your photos on whatever they need.

But you may be thinking, “Big companies? Seriously? Don’t they have their own marketing departments in charge of all this stuff? Why would they want anyone else’s photos?”

Yes, they do. But many among these companies can recognize that they would benefit more from using photos from consumers. Yes, they are better off using YOUR photos than their own. Here are two reason’s why:

You are more genuine

Big companies out there are always on the lookout for things that would better promote their products and services. The better and more creative the promotion, the more they will benefit. Sure, they have their marketing departments and all. But all that rigid corporate structure could get in the way of creativity just flowing out of the people. As a result, most (I’m not saying all of them, but most) of the pictures they take are fake—fake happiness and fake smiles—and all that unauthenticity just leaks out. Little things go a long way. And when consumers see that the people on the ads are faking it, it doesn’t work!

When it’s you, on the other hand, you take pictures or pose for pictures NOT for work. You do it for the fun of it! And that’s more genuine! Combine that with a little bit of style and photography techniques, and that’s PERFECT. No doubt, through Foap, companies would see the genuineness of your photos and will be clamoring to pay you for them.

Working with you is a win-win

It’s not like it’s only you who is benefitting from the setup that Foap has to offer. The company takes a win as well. Hiring models and setting up studios can cost a big sum of money. And if they put in a lot of resources into something that’s not really authentic, that’s a lot of money down the drain. Crowdsourcing photos, on the other hand, saves them a lot of time and resources. While at the same time, you get paid for doing something that you do for fun.

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